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Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

"When she came off the respirator she looked at me and the first thing she said was, 'I love you.' And it was good. It was just good news. It just was a miracle," Said McLendon.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

as the night went on.

and that's exactly the message Dexter wants to send out to viewers: Miracles do happen.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

veins on her neck stood up," Said Phillips.

"I answered the phone, 'hello,' and she said, 'Dexter, Jan has drowned'," said McLendon.

She's being called a miracle Janice McLendon, wife of Greenville Mayor, Dexter McLendon, nearly drowned last month. She was found unconsious in a swimming pool. But tonight, she's making a full recovery. It's the first time McLendon is sharing this story on television.

McLendon tells us it's an experience that's changed his life. It all started with a call, saying, "Jan has drowned" just minutes before he saw her.

"She was basically purple from the chest up. She looked like a little doll. just there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. And the paramedics were right there behind us," Said McLendon.

It's a miracle that has doctors saying Janice will be making a full recovery Converse Shoes Amazon

´╗┐Greenville Mayor's Wife's Recovery from Near Drowning Called a Miracle

"And in my left ear I felt and I heard. the only person I knew who it could be is God. [He] said, 'calm down. She's going to be okay'," Said McLendon, who says it's a voice he heard every hour Converse Low Tops Black And White

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

One of the first on scene was Fire Chief, Chad Phillips.

Thankfully she didn't drown and was still alive, but without knowing how long she'd been under water, he says his brother in law jumped in to pull her out. It was followed by CPR until until the paramedics arrived.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

"I thought I lost my wife of 34 years," Said McLendon, who says he'll never forget July 2. He describes it as a normal afternoon, where he and his wife, Janice, took a dip in the pool.

"I could look at the images on their face and know that we were in trouble," Said McLendon. Stabler Hospital in Greenville to be stabalized, but he thought she was gone.

McLendon says she spent Blue Converse High Tops Childrens ten days in the hospital, six of those on a respirator.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

"Probably did two cycles of CPR on her and then noticed the Converse White Low Cut

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

McLendon says he slipped out for a few minutes to see his son and that's when he got the call from Jan's mother.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

But on the brink of death, Janice was still alive.

She was then flown to Baptist South Montgomery and as he watched the helicopter land, McLendon says that's when faith spoke to him.

Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

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