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The story of Hester Collyer, a woman who leaves her respectable High Court Judge husband for a passionate love affair with a semi alcoholic RAF pilot, Rattigan's play premiered in 1952 when such

"It's certainly the biggest role I've ever had," admits Scacchi, nursing her first tea of the day in her dressing room at the Cheltenham Everyman. And this from a woman who famously turned down

overwhelming masochistic passion for another human being who was not worthy and not able to return that feeling. Intead of it being a disadvantage, it becomes an asset. It's even ratherScacchi, 48, does not share Ashcroft's hatred for the role of Hester: "I know it's exhausting but the wonderful thing is that the material itself drives you through. I don't want to emote but I

next to Emma Thompson in the forthcoming remake of Brideshead Revisited.

"I'd like to think there's some lovely plateau you reach," she says. "But it's very hard to let go of all those hopes and expectations we have for ourselves. Maybe some people manage it but I'm

Converse All Black Low Cut

Converse All Black Low Cut

Converse All Black Low Cut

her divorce and affair have caused. And it doesn't matter which decade we are living in, we understand that desperation. We understand what it's like to discover Converse All White High Tops

Converse All Black Low Cut

"This role has an uncanny amount in common with my own emotional." she pauses "well, it has lot of material that feels fairly timeless.

on aDoes Scacchi's new found stability afford her some perspective on the ups and downs of her own life? Not Converse All Black Low Cut only is she happy at home in Sussex, but after a fallow period in Hollywood, she will star

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opening as it does with Hester's attempted suicide.

Theatre School to her passionate four year affair with American actor Vincent D'Onofrio.

Edward Hall directs the revival, which arrives in Richmond hot on the heels of Rattigan's French Without Tears. But The Deep Blue Sea is quite a different proposition to his semi farcical Converse High Tops Mens 13

D'Onofrio left Gracchi in 1993 soon after their daughter Leila was born and Scacchi is now married to her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza, with whom she has a son, Matteo, 10. So she is no stranger

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Converse All Black Low Cut


to either heartache or public disapproval.

"It takes a few years to accumulate that amount of experience to draw on pain, exasperation, frustration, anger and despair. But after all that, you can be glad that you went through such

the lead in Basic Instinct.

"But it's so well written that you can follow the character on her emotional journey just through the writing. The struggle that Hester is going through hangs on the embarrassment and isolation

At least, Scacchi does. Blame her Italian blood, but the Milan born actress has always lived her love life at the highest pitch, from an early fling with Daniel Day Lewis at Bristol Old Vic

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"I feel I'm walking around the stage naked," said Dame Peggy Ashcroft of playing the lead in Terence Rattigan's masterpiece, The Deep Blue Sea.

´╗┐Greta Scacchi bares all at Richmond Theatre From Richmond and Twickenham Times

an overwhelming sexual passion for

someone and not deny it."

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Converse All Black Low Cut

get these charges of energy: physical thrills where tears are triggered, shivers down my spine or moments of feeling like collapsing. It's quite an amazing feeling, like being taken Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

Half a century later, the same emotionally revealing role is being taken on by Greta Scacchi, an actress better known for literally stripping off in various sultry screen roles.

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