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Converse Baby Shoes Template

Just about every school in the area is doing some kind of fundraiser for Haiti, but the collaboration adds power to Grissom's effort, said Cary Hurt, an economics and world history teacher who also sponsors the Student Government Association and Converse Baby Shoes Template the senior class.

Converse Baby Shoes Template

Converse Baby Shoes Template

devastating earthquake that hit on Jan. 12. Clubs are selling bracelets, holding bake sales and selling T shirts, among other activities.

Converse Baby Shoes Template

"We know we can make a bigger impact if we all get together and send a huge amount rather than just bits and pieces to different organizations," said Kaitlin Morris, who is secretary of the senior class.

unite to raise money for Haiti

By having so many fundraisers going on at once, students can choose which ones best suit their interests and help out at the same time, said Kayla Turner.

That song has led to an effort by many of Grissom's 45 clubs to raise $10,000 to help the victims of the Converse All Black

Converse Baby Shoes Template

Converse Baby Shoes Template

This week, proceeds from a dance, the school's annual beauty walk and the Art Club's secret Valentines will go toward the goal.

Converse Baby Shoes Template

"The next two weeks are going to be selling mania," Carmen said.

Hurt put Carmen and her twin sister, Caroline, in charge of the Haiti relief campaign, and the two have been making posters and encouraging others to get involved.

Converse Baby Shoes Template

The clubs will vote on who gets the money, but Hurt has suggested it go to a local organization that is doing direct work in Haiti. That's what Grissom students did when a tsunami killed 230,000 people in 2004. The school raised enough money to rebuild a school, Hurt said.

´╗┐Grissom High clubs Converse Dainty Navy

The clubs are doing their own projects, such as the Spotlight Club's movie night. The club showed "Cool Runnings," a movie about the Jamaican bobsled team because Jamaica is close to Haiti.

HUNTSVILLE, AL Grissom High School Converse Evo Basketball Shoes

With all the images of Haiti's earthquake in her head, the song "spoke to me," Carmen said. "I just wanted to get all Grissom together" to help.

Converse Baby Shoes Template

Converse Baby Shoes Template

junior Carmen Johnson was listening to a song, "We Must Go," when the lyrics got her attention: "Stepping forward keep us from just singing/Move us into action."

Converse Baby Shoes Template

Converse Baby Shoes Template

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