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But at the Court of Appeal, three top judges said the sentences were "unduly lenient" and increased them to seven and a half and six years respectively.

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The pair were caught out after a police surveillance operation revealed that Asbury was responsible for dealing in the east Norfolk area and that Munday was his primary Converse High Tops White Girls

"In our judgment, the proper starting point should have been, in the case of Munday, 12 years, and, in the case of Asbury, a sentence of 10 years.

One of his customers was Asbury, of Uplands Avenue, Caister, whom he supplied with large amounts of cocaine Converse Flip Flops Black

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Lord Justice Leveson, sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Judge Warwick McKinnon, said Munday, of Wilmslow, was a major player who was close to the original importer Converse Baby Shoes White of the drugs.

"Making allowance for pleas of guilty and all the circumstances, the resulting sentence for Munday is one of seven and a half years' imprisonment. For Asbury, we substitute a sentence of six years' imprisonment."

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Lord Justice Leveson said: "We have no doubt that these sentences were unduly lenient.


When police tried to arrest him, Asbury drove Converse White Low Cut

´╗┐Great Yarmouth drug dealers' sentences increased

Last April, they both admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine. Munday, 30, was jailed for four years and eight months, while Asbury, also 30, was sentenced to four years.

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via courier to be sold on in the Yarmouth area.

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Cheshire man Robert Munday sold large quantities of high purity cocaine from his house for distribution by Great Yarmouth dealer Sam Asbury.

Their cases were back in court yesterday after a reference by the country's top law officer, the attorney general, Dominic Grieve QC, who said the sentences were too short.

off in his van, throwing drugs and other items from the window, resulting in an additional conviction for dangerous driving.

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