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Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

´╗┐Graduation on horizon for college students

Lapointe graduated from the legal office administ rat i o n two year program in 1992. However, her career path took a different direction.

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Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

Grenier has been living in Cornwall for over 25 years now, and decided to start a second career in choosing this program.

There is always room for improvement but all in all Lapointe feels there are aspects of her degree that are being used here, even though she is not directly in her field. Lapointe prefers doing this job, because she feels like she is helping people, and having an impact.

"I really enjoyed it, I've learned a lot," said Vivarais.

Sylvie Vivarais is completing an advanced diploma program in business administration accounting.

"I've got more out of this job, rather than working for a lawyer," said Lapointe.

Graduating from the environmental technician program at age 37 Grenier is hoping to find a job. Recently, he found out that there is an age limit with finding a job in his field because there are a lot of jobs that offer work with grants. Most grants are given based on age, or you have to be a returning student.

Some may not expect their age to be a barrier to finding a job at least that's not what Yanick Grenier expected.

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

not discouraged, but I am not hopeful because of my age," said Grenier.

"I'm hoping to stick to this field," he said.

Grenier feels his age will be a problem but still feels he will get a job. However, it will take time.

"I didn't want the job, and here I am 19 years later," laughed Lapointe.

Opportunities for students are what lie ahead. Trying to plan for one's future can be a anxious task for some, and others arise to the challenge of the unknown. Finding a career that you want to wake up to every morning may not be as easy as it seems for some, but regardless decisions have to be made, that shape the future for these new graduates.

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

at the City of Cornwall water treatment plant, Grenier has had a great experience working more in his field in the upcoming weeks Grenier's next step is handing out resumes.

It is an interesting field, and you are constantly learning Grenier added. Interning Converse Shoes Leather White

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

"I hope to be a public accountant after graduating," said Vivarais.

People at the student union decided to quit, and Lapointe had the opportunity to stay on.

You never know where life will take you, and after graduation students may not find a job in the career of their choosing. Patsy Lapointe a long time veteran of the St. Lawrence College Student Union experienced just that.

Years of hard work are coming to an end, in just three weeks time.

Vivarais is confident she will find a job in her field, but her main goal right now is to find a summer job. Afterward, she will be continuing her education at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, where she will complete a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Vivarais is working on an online project right now that will help her brand herself and build up clientele.

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

decided to enter the program because she really enjoyed law. For six to eight months she worked at a local law firm during school, and after. Helping out a friend that worked at the student union, Lapointe also worked in that office.

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

With the end of the school year in sight at St. Lawrence College, potential graduates are experiencing anticipation as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

Being in the program for three years, and working as the vice president of finance in the student union has helped Vivarais understand the business environment.

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Going on working as executive administrator of the Converse Basketball Shoes 2018 student union for nearly two decades now, Lapointe said that she never thought she would end up here. But the students are what make her want to stay.

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

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