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Converse Black High Tops

Converse Black High Tops

"We are also offering a call back option with someone from the store who is an expert in that department."

The 27 year old has teamed up with eCommerce marketing agency, Further Search Marketing to launch a new website, The partnership will see Further and Palmers share revenues as the company's online sales grow.

Converse Black High Tops

Converse Black High Tops

website has just been launched featuring bed linen and cook wares and Emma will be adding the new departments over the next six months."

Further will work closely with Palmers and will help them decide which product lines should or should not be promoted.

"Emma started Palmers on line trading in 2009 concentrating on bed linen and cook wares. She left to join a large e tail company based in London in 2010. However sales on the Palmers website have been so encouraging that she was enticed back to Norfolk and the family company to set up a new website and expand the on line offer to include the Converse Neon Yellow

Converse Black High Tops

Emma Sturrock daughter of chairman Bruce Sturrock has returned to Norfolk to take up the job of online manager after working at a large e commerce company in London.

Converse Black High Tops

Miss Sturrock said: "Further approached us Converse Black High Tops and said it would be better to have it all on one site. They came to us and said they could increase our sales. Obviously it has the same branding, but the website is completely different. The customer journey is so much better."

Until now, products from different departments had been on individual websites.

"Our selling point is that we are a trusted brand," she added. "We have been around for 174 Converse Trainers Colours

Mr Sturrock said: "As on line manager, she is heading up a part of the company that may well secure its future."

Converse Black High Tops

Converse Black High Tops

"They were doing far better than we thought they would," said Miss Sturrock. "We had very little resources for them, but they were doing quite well, so we thought maybe they could do really well."

full range of goods in Palmers department stores. The new Converse Kids Shoes

Palmers is still owned and run by descendants of the store's founder, Garwood Burton Palmer and turns over around 15m a year.

Over the coming months Miss Sturrock will be gradually adding more and more products onto the website.

Converse Black High Tops

´╗┐Great Yarmouth store Palmers keeps it in the family with online expansion

Converse Black High Tops

Converse Black High Tops

years. It is also the customer service side. For every product we are writing a unique description rather than just shoving on the manufacturers' words. We are going to make it as clear as possible and our imagery is much better.

Further managing director John Thew said: "Now that the site is developed and live, we will be working on ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and PPC campaigns as well as testing and honing the site's conversion rate to increase sales. We are delighted that Palmers selected Further and we believe this innovative shared revenue strategy and close working relationship will prove to be a great success for both parties."

Converse Black High Tops

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