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There is some hope in forward Dante Cunningham, who plays with the motor that Speights lacks and that Gay only occasionally finds.

Randolph (expected to miss six to eight weeks with a torn right MCL) to see that the Grizzlies may find it impossible to replace his scoring and rebounding (20.1 points and 12.2 Converse Hi Tops Men

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"I've been a part of teams that haven't started well," he said. "Eventually, they became good. You just play. When all the dust settles, we'll be where we are."

Most puzzling is newcomer Marreese Speights, a 6 10, 255 pound forward/center, who managed all of one rebound in 20 minutes and showed no ambition for playing defense. He has a nice, feathery jump shot, but this isn't a game of H O R S E. Gay, who is 6 8 and has mad hops, is another culprit. He routinely swats at balls in traffic instead of making a strong move to secure a rebound.

(Photo: AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

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Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (13) celebrates a dunk as Memphis Grizzlies Marc Gasol (33) walks past during the third quarter of their game on Jan. 1. The two have a rematch in Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day game.

It's almost cruel. At a time when the Grizzlies are playing without their best player, power forward Zach Randolph, NBA legends George Gervin and Clyde Drexler are coming to FedExForum.

"We know Zach and Darrell (Arthur) are out and that's just the way it is," Gasol said. "We're not going to say we're losing because they're out."

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to the Thunder, the Grizzlies were outrebounded 51 39 even though center Marc Gasol had a game high 14 boards.

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"We got crunched on the glass again," Hollins said.

"One of the great scorers in the NBA," Hollins said. "He was like (Kevin) Durant. He'd go out every night and be very efficient. He could shoot jump shots, go to the basket, he had the finger roll, dunking we had some great battles. He wasn't a great defensive player and I had some nights in the high 30s against him. He had some nights in the high 40s against me."

Ditto for Gervin, a player with whom Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins has plenty of first hand knowledge.

rebounds last season). In the latest loss Converse White High Tops Size 5

Drexler and Gervin are being honored on Monday, Jan. 16, for their contributions to civil rights as part of the Jr. Day celebration. There's also the matter of the Grizzlies' nationally televised noon tip off with the Bulls, the team that handed them a 40 point loss in Chicago earlier this season. So imagine if the Grizzlies could sneak "Clyde the Glide" and Gervin, aka "The Iceman," into uniform and find a way to make the years magically melt away for a couple of hours.

"I was hoping for a little better crowd with Oklahoma City coming back in," Hollins admitted. "But we have to go out and create excitement for fans to get them back in the building."

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Hollins is neither panicking nor predicting.

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Of course, short of getting those old NBA classics to spring to life, the Grizzlies will have to press on with the players they do have. Whether that's enough for the Grizzlies to make it back to the playoffs is a question Hollins says he can't answer.

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There will be no shortage of excitement Monday with former Memphis Tiger and the Bulls in the house. But there should also be some urgency because by tip off, the lockout shortened 66 game season will Converse Black High Tops Fashion be one sixth done.

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Converse Black High Tops Fashion

"I used to watch the old NBA classics with (Drexler) and playing against each other," said Grizzlies point guard . "We'd love to have him in uniform."

"We need that energy," Conley said.

What they don't need, and what Gasol says they won't use, are excuses.

Technically true, but there now have been enough games without Ladies Converse Dainty Navy

"We're gonna find out as we go forward," Hollins said moments after the Grizzlies dropped their second straight game to Oklahoma City at FedExForum this season, this one a 100 95 loss on Tuesday, Jan. 10, before a half empty arena.

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´╗┐Grizz Struggling Without Z

"It's still early," said forward Rudy Gay. "We have a lot of season left."

"Zach's the heart and soul of that team," said the Thunder's Durant. "I like Speights and I like Dante, but it's tough to replace an elite player. Marc and Zach played off each other so well. They can still throw the ball into the post, but it's not like with Zach where he could go get a basket for you when you needed it."

But at some level, they are losing because they're out. This edition of the Grizzlies would lose to the team that pushed Oklahoma City to a seventh game in the Western Conference semifinals at least four out of five times.

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