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McDonald's USA spokesperson Lisa McComb issued a statement Thursday afternoon stating that McDonald's is committed to providing its employees with opportunities to succeed, offering them advancement opportunities, competitive pay and benefits. McComb said the corporation invests Converse New Collection

McDonald's Marketing Supervisor Bill Miller said in an email to the Burlington Free Press that the management was fine with the protesters being on the public sidewalk but "simply asked the group to respect the boundaries of our (private) property and the very busy entrance and exit to our parking lot for their own safety."

in training and professional development as well to help employees learn practical business skills.

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"People are reliant on their jobs and Converse Women Fashion

Buckingham also said the management tried to move the protesters off the sidewalk in front of the establishment.

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reliant on these poverty wages to support themselves," Buckingham said. "It's extremely intimidating to take any sort of action when one knows they're replaceable."

"These corporations are some of the most powerful in the world, and they're profitable because their workers are underpaid," protester Thomas Grace of Burlington said. "McDonald's has a help line that encourages employees to seek public assistance. That's unconscionable. Pay a livable wage."

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Though Buckingham said he works for a retirement home that does not pay him a livable wage, he said there Converse Shoes Purple

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"We also respect the right to voice an opinion," McComb said. "To right size the headlines, however, the events taking place are not strikes. Outside groups are traveling to McDonald's and other outlets to stage rallies. Our restaurants remain open today and every day thanks to our dedicated employees serving our customers."

People gathered not only in South Burlington, but also in other places around Vermont, including Berlin, and around the country. Police were called to a McDonald's in Berlin Thursday afternoon when a group of protesters Converse Blue Navy gathered with the same message.

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Converse Blue Navy

were protesters at the McDonald's who were affiliated with organizations such as the Vermont Workers' Center, the International Socialist Organization, and the Fair Food Campaign.

Protesters called for a livable wage of $15 per hour as opposed to Vermont's minimum wage of $8.60 per hour and the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

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The protesters in South Burlington carried signs reading "Jobs with Justice" and "An Injury to One is an Injury to All" as drivers honked their car horns on their way by. While they chanted "Hold the burgers, hold the fries, make our wages super sized," protester Alex Buckingham of Burlington said the manager called South Burlington police to the scene, and after about 40 minutes, the protesters dispersed.

´╗┐Group protests wages outside South Burlington McDonald's

About 30 protesters gathered outside McDonald's on Williston Road Thursday afternoon as part of a national protest against wages paid in fast food restaurants.

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