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"I have declared myself a resident of the Sovereign Nation of Saskatchewan and therefore do not adhere to nor respect any laws of Premier Christy Clark in the province of British Columbia and have declared my property an official Embassy of Ridervillein honour of the big day I will be fashioning a Tumblers 2 bloody replica pizza and replicating mass heartburn as well. Amen. Go Riders."

´╗┐Grey Cup party a family affair

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As the game clock ran down, people in the home started getting on coats and toques to make the venture to Albert Street and join in the revelry with other members of Rider Nation. Most people in the home were on edge, hugging each other, and waiting for the Riders to officially be Grey Cup champions again.

"The fact that it was in Regina (will always stand out for me)," said Cole St. Marie. "A lot of people were saying it was going to be the biggest game in Rider's history. A lot of us can't think back on the first time they won the Grey Cup, but the fact that it's in Regina, we have a stable team and probably the biggest fan base you'll see for a team in Canada. It's definitely one of the greatest times to be a Rider Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

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played out and the Roughrider's points added up, the energy in the house grew.

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Converse Boots Black

oven, cause let's do it right," Flegel said.


To make the party extra special, Di Roscio brought in her parent's industrial sized pizza oven to serve her Converse Boots Black guests. Her mother, Barbara Flegel, drew on her experience in Italy to make what she feels are some of the best pizzas in Regina.

"We've had several restaurants in our liveswhen it was Grey Cup, we thought they better come get the pizza Converse Classic White Womens

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Michael Flegel can still remember the 1966 Grey Cup win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He was eight years old and has been a fan of the green and white ever since.

As the game Converse Dainty Leather 5.5

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"It's going to be ridiculous," Di Ruscio said at half time, "you'll have to walk to where you want to go. Other than that, until after three in the morning, that'll be that."

"I guess I kind of just grew up with the green. I don't know every different," Flegel said as he watched the Riders go for their fourth title on Sunday.

Breker also took a moment at half time to read a note from Di Ruscio's brother, Oriano, who is now living in British Columbia.

Di Ruscio and Breker's character home was filled with Roughrider fans by the time the game kicked off. Two big screen TVs showed the game in two adjacent rooms with some family members choosing to watch the game in the back yard on a laptop, while sitting around a warm fire.

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