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The group, which included a variety of community stakeholders from city hall officials, to members of the arts community and organizations like Canada Post, PUC, and the school boards, recognize that some surfaces tend to invite more than others.

mischief and there is enforcement in place and police know that it happens more in the downtown and dark alleys and maybe we can help improve that with some better lighting, Myers said.

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´╗┐Graffiti committee wants to turn mischief to art

is a talent out there and need to harness it. There is a Converse Shoes White Women

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municipalities have bylaws that force property owners to remove graffiti, the group agreed that wasn't a solution they believed would work in Sault Ste. Marie.

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also know now that there are new products out there that can easily remove some of the unwanted graffiti that's out there, she said.

The committee will meet again and to finalize some immediate short term solutions each can take back to their organization and continue working on long term solutions, she said.

Converse Boots Uk

Converse Boots Uk

Converse Boots Uk

The key, Myers said, is to turn the negative into a positive and find an initiative that will take those arts and develop a permanent canvas in the city that they can take pride and ownership of and reduce the unwanted spray paint scribble found in some areas.

For the longer term efforts the group is expected to call on student councillors and other engaged youth who can help with ideas that will turn the graffiti into something positive.

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need to develop something that will provide a positive, safe legitimate surface for street art, she said.

Ward 2 Coun. Susan Myers said an initial committee meeting Wednesday reviewed the Waterloo, Ont.

respect among street artists that if there is something nice, they won't bomb it, she said.

the community while it looks at long term solutions.

The committee plans on hosting an open house and invite youth and artists to discuss a long term Converse Boots Uk solution that will offer them a canvas in the community.

A committee looking at how it can turn graffiti into a legal art in the city has already developed possible quick, immediate solutions that will tidy Converse Gray Low Top

Converse Boots Uk

While larger cities often associate various graffiti with street gangs or racial issues, Sault Ste. Marie hasn't seen that, she said.

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