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Courtney Blackmore, an environmental advisor for Imperial Oil, said that there are five cameras covering fifty square feet, with ten more on the way next year. According to Imperial Oil's website, Imperial's oil sands leases cover Converse Brown 780 square kilometres.

"Just because we support [the WHC] doesn't mean that everyone who applies automatically gets approved or denied."

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However, critics from Greenpeace have accused the company of buying their own award, as ExxonMobil, which funds the WHC, owns 70 percent of Imperial Oil.

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Converse Brown

´╗┐Greenpeace criticises Imperial Oil wildlife cer

However, while the Charity Navigator website does give it a four star rating for its efficiency, it only received two stars out of a possible four for its overall rating.

ExxonMobil is one of the corporate members of the WHC, and one of the WHC'S Board Members is Paul P. Krishna, who is also Mens Converse Trainers

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Blackmore said that part of the reason that Imperial won the award was because a large portion of their land was considered "enhanced." For example, the WHC judged a piece of land as "enhanced" for birds if it had a birdhouse placed within a birds typical flight path, regardless of the conditions of the land underneath it or around it.

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In the newsletter, Imperial says that some of their environmental programs and initiatives helped them win the award.

One of the ways they did that was to have those birdhouses built by local school children, which raised awareness about the impact of oil operations on local wildlife.

the Environmental Program Manager for ExxonMobil.

The group also counted other community efforts that Imperial Oi took part in to raise awareness of environmental issues, said Blackmore.

Imperial Oil Cold Lake recently sent out a newsletter to Cold Lake citizens where it touts that its efforts in animal preservation have earned it the distinction of the first Canadian oil sands company to be certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) for their Wildlife at Work program.

Massimo criticized this effort. "Cameras are not going to help [the animals] sustain themselves."

However, Blackmore said that while the cameras don't necessarily enhance the habitat, these cameras and Imperial's other observation efforts have not shown any animals that have become sick, injured or disoriented because of their interactions with Imperial Oil's machinery in the year or so they have been around.

While other corporations with oil sands operations in the area fund the WHC including ConocoPhillips, which owns a 50 percent interest in some of Cenovus's operations, and Shell so far, they have not received certification from the WHC.

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Converse Brown

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"group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat.[sic]"

The WHC is a registered charity based out of Maryland. According to its website, the WHC is a

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Converse Brown

Converse Brown

website also claims that the Council is a four star rated charity on the Charity Navigator website.

However, Courtney Blackmore, an environmental advisor for Imperial Oil, said the award had merit.

Some of these programs and initiatives include 24 hour cameras in key locations to monitor wildlife and their interactions with surrounding equipment, and a $400,000 project with Ducks Unlimited to formulate a plan for best practices for developing the site.

award was also based on other factors rather than scientific conservation. Blackmore said part of the reason that Imperial was given this award was because they promoted wildlife awareness within Cold Lake.

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