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study, which is expected to cost about $18,000. The study was done by a national firm that knows Sioux Falls Converse Dainty Ox Black well. Walker Parking Consultants conducted an exhaustive study of downtown parking for the city about four years ago.

The Build it Downtown study conflicts on key details with a study commissioned by the city. Although both studies indicate there is available parking downtown, the city's study said it would cost millions more to create parking in downtown versus at the current site of the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

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parking for center

That's because the city study did not include potential parking spots where the downtown rail switching yard now resides. Officials are in the process of removing the switching yard. Although that might not be done until 2014 at the earliest, the site would add hundreds of parking spots to downtown, spots that weren't included in the city's study.

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The city's consultant, he added, has said a facility must have adequate parking on the day it opens its doors, otherwise it might fail.

a new events center downtown released its own study Thursday showing that there's ample parking to support the facility.

But Mike Cooper, the city's director of planning and building services, says there's a good reason why the city study didn't include the rail yard. The project is going through a federal environmental impact study, and that has proven to be a major hurdle to getting it completed. Even if the federal study allows the city to move forward, it wouldn't be completed until late 2014 at the earliest, he said. It would take even longer if there are complications.

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Converse Dainty Ox Black

Converse Dainty Ox Black

The city study assumes that parking spots at the convention center can be created by paving over five softball fields and nearby McCart Field. But that's an idea that could meet considerable resistance, and Build it Downtown officials say that if the city assumes it can build at McCart Field, it should also have included a similar assumption with the railway parking in downtown.

"We just said, 'Study those sites and tell us what you think,'" Houwman said.

Instead, the city study says that a new ramp would have to be constructed, adding millions to a downtown project.

Converse Dainty Ox Black

Converse Dainty Ox Black

The city received nearly $40 million to remove the switching yard in 2005. At the time, the plan was to develop the area with office and retail space, not to build a parking lot, Cooper said.

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Converse Dainty Ox Black

The Build it Downtown group retained Walker to study both the convention center site and downtown.

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"To me, there would be a huge risk of moving forward with an events center without adequate parking," Cooper said.

While the rail switching yard is dictated by the federal government, the idea of using McCart Fields would be controlled by local decision makers, Cooper said.

Converse Dainty Ox Black

Converse Dainty Ox Black

"The city and us agree that there's ample parking," said Grant Houwman, a member of Build it Downtown. "I think they intentionally increased the price to downtown parking by adding a ramp that isn't necessary."

Converse Dainty Ox Black

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