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This article was originally distributed via PRWeb. The victim was rollerblading the night of July 9 when he was struck by an SUV.

According to 2011 crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most pedestrian deaths, about 73 percent, occur in urban environments rather than rural, at non intersection locations (70 percent) rather than at intersections, and during the night (70 percent). NHTSA numbers also shown that one of five, or 19 percent, of pedestrian fatalities during the same year were hit and run.

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The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm is a personal injury litigation firm with an unwavering dedication to its clients. With more than 42 years of experience, our firm strives to obtain the best compensation for those who have been injured or those who have lost a loved one due to an accident or by someone else negligence. We handle cases dealing with personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful Converse Flip Flops Womens

gets the help he or she needs right away."

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Converse Dark Red Style

A 25 year old Stony Brook University graduate student was killed in a hit and run collision with a dark colored SUV the night of July 9. According to a July 10 WABC news report, the man was rollerblading on North Country Road in Stony Brook when the driver of the SUV struck him and fled the scene.

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Drivers in New York have the legal responsibility to stop and remain at the scene of the car accident they are involved in, says New York personal injury lawyer Kenneth A. Wilhelm. "Under the law, New York drivers are required to stop and remain at the scene, especially if their car accident involves an injury. They also Converse Dark Red Style have the legal obligation to exchange pertinent information with the other parties involved and help the injured victims obtain medical attention. It could be something as simple as picking up your cell phone and calling 911 so that the injured person Converse Shoes White High Tops

Often, it is the hit and run victim or his or her family that is saddled with expenses in addition to the emotional trauma caused by such an incident, Wilhelm says. "In the case of severe injuries, victims could be looking at surgery costs and expenses relating to hospitalization and rehabilitation. Where families have lost loved ones, they may be faced with bearing funeral expenses and other related costs."

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The victim was from Brooklyn and was studying to get a doctorate in electrical engineering, the report stated. The man was rushed to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, according to the article. Officials are looking for witnesses as well as the hit and run vehicle, which they say, will have front end damage, the report stated.

About the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm

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´╗┐Graduate Student from Brooklyn Killed in Hit and Run Accident

In such cases, especially where the hit and run driver is not found, it is important for victims to have the access to quality legal information and resources, Wilhelm said. "Victims need to know how they can get the financial support they need during these challenging times." Our law firm recovered $2,000,000 for a girl who was injured by a hit and run driver.

Converse Dark Red Style

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