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The Senate judiciary committee heard emotional testimony from Farley and other grandparents who have been denied visitation with their grandchildren. The testimony was in favor of Senate Bill 204, a measure introduced by Sen. Maurice Washington, R Sparks, that would allow courts to grant visitation rights to grandparents and great grandparents of minor children.

that 10 million tears have been shed," McMaster said. "And there will probably be 10 million more."

me," McMaster said. "But in the interest of all grandparents, SB204 must be supported."

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´╗┐Grandparents want their rights granted

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He said grandparents have rights to seek visitation when the parents of their grandchildren divorce or if one of the parents die, such as in Farley's case.

Jacqueline Calvert told the committee that children are used as "bargaining chips" and that the growing methamphetamine problem in the state have "created a significant number of unfit parents."

The committee could not hear Converse Fashion Style Men all the testimony at Thursday's meeting and will take up the issue again at its meeting on Tuesday, said chairman Mark Amodei, R Carson City.

Karen Goodwill Freda testified that she hasn't been allowed to visit her grandchildren for more than three years after a fallout with her daughter and son in law.

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However, a loophole in the system prevents seeking visitation when the child's parents are still married and together.

"I can tell you other than finding out my daughter had been murdered, this has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through," Farley told a legislative committee on Thursday.

"They were the light of our lives and that light has gone out and been out for far too long."

Dr. Michael Freda, a drug and family counselor, said some parents use access to their children "to extort, manipulate, use and abuse," grandparents.

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Farley said it would cost her thousands of dollars in legal fees to earn her visitation rights with her grandson, but other grandparents have no hope at all unless the law is changed.

"It might be too late for my husband and Converse Black And White Leather High Tops

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Gayle Farley experienced the pain of losing a child when her daughter was killed, but nearly as painful has been losing any access to her grandson.

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of a problem, what does it mean for these people?" she asked. "The children are the issue."

McMaster said she doesn't know if she and her husband will ever get to see their granddaughters again, but she doesn't want others to have to go through what they have.

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Sandra McMaster told the Senate committee that she and her husband have not been allowed to see her granddaughters for nine years.

"When your child says you can't visit your grandchildren, that is the most intentionally hurtful betrayal you can experience as a parent," she said.

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