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Converse Flip Flops Men

Converse Flip Flops Men

The amount is added as a separate item on the customer's invoice and the voluntary extra charge goes to the Woodland Trust to fund its tree planting schemes.

Mr Phillips, who started his business 23 years ago, said: "I am confident this will help us win new business in the long run and the extra cost of being green is minimal; it works out at about 8.50 per tonne of paper."

Converse Flip Flops Men

Dynamic Print was the third company in the country to sign up to a carbon capture initiative launched by its paper supplier, Premier Paper Group, a year ago.

The father of two Converse Low Black Leather

said: "Everyone is worried about trees being chopped down and as a printing business you can be viewed as the demon.

The Woodland Trust looks after more Converse Womens Shoes

Mr Phillips recently travelled to Grantham in Lincolnshire to help plant 1,500 trees in a Woodland Trust scheme on MoD land accessible to the public at The Prince William of Gloucester Barracks.

Dynamic Print's customers now receive a certificate and the Woodland Carbon logo with each order so they can share in the success of the green initiative.

'Green' printing firm proud to be growing trees

Barney Phillips, 46, who runs Dynamic Print, in Page Road, on the Sweet Briar industrial estate with his wife Katrina, said he was conscious of the need to protect the environment and was happy to pay the surcharge.

Converse Flip Flops Men

Converse Flip Flops Men

Dr Nick Atkinson, a carbon specialist at The Woodland Trust said: "Working in partnership with landowners like the Ministry of Defence and with support from businesses like Dynamic Print, is allowing us to create large areas of new native woodland, which over time will remove hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away permanently."

"I am proud to fly the green flag and when I tell my customers about it, some of them love it."

Converse Flip Flops Men

60,000 acres throughout the UK.

Under the scheme, the UK's largest independent paper merchant, which has a plant in Bury St Edmunds, calculates the amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of a customer's paper order.

Converse Flip Flops Men

than 1,200 woodlands covering Converse High Tops Womens Uk

The Phillips family are passionate about the environment and like nothing better than planting and digging in their third of an acre plot in Matlock Road, Thorpe Hamlet, which has won accolades in open garden events.

Converse Flip Flops Men

Converse Flip Flops Men

So far, Dynamic Print, which has a staff of five, has supported the planting of Converse Flip Flops Men 160 hectares of native trees along with Premier Paper's other customers across the country.

Converse Flip Flops Men

Converse Flip Flops Men

Converse Flip Flops Men

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