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"Did you ever imagine that you be in a situation like this?" asked 9 On Your Side asked the police chief.

"There was a gentleman walking kind of fast with a shotgun in his hand, by himself. So I thought maybe he was a policeman or something. I walked right by, probably 10 feet from him, just me and him and I nodded my head and said you doing? and I just walked right on by," said Heath.

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Faust has a checkered past. Through internet searches and Faust birthday, 9 On Your Side was able to connect him to court records in Maryland where he faced multiple charges in 2004, including attempted first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He was just 14 years old at the time. The Pitt County Sheriff Office denied Faust a gun permit in 2012 because of those charges.

Within minutes, police showed up and found the shooter on Hooker Road.

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"I was watching it the whole time. I standing right here about 30 feet from the whole thing. I standing right up, under no cover or nothing. It only by the grace of god that I lived," said Heath.

Converse Flip Flops Womens

In the blink of an eye, a gunman opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd. Scenes that used to fill the movie screens now play out in real life.

"You know, I trained for years in how to manage these scenes and I actually gone through tactical training. I been on contact teams. I done all that. You can ever imagine, but you also cannot be surprised if all of a sudden you faced with this situation and you in it," Aden said.

As for Heath, it may seem unusual, but he said he plans to come face Converse Flip Flops Womens to face with the shooter again.

"The man just looks at him and starts opening fire on police. So the police started advancing at him, shooting at him. Of course, Butch wife and I are across the street over here at the lot. At this point in time, we don know what happened to Butch. We got all this gunfire going on and we know he got to get real close to what going on," said Sarbo.

´╗┐Greenville suspected mass shooter mugshot released

Witnesses said he was sitting in his car in the parking lot when the shooter came up and shot him twice through his driver side window.

As witnesses scrambled to get Edwards help, they said the gunman calmly walked across Greenville Boulevard. He ended up in the Walmart parking lot.

Converse Flip Flops Womens

Converse Flip Flops Womens

"I was raised in New York. I know gunfire when I hear it," said Mike Sarbo.

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"As far reaching as this event was, and as much as it shakes the foundations of people emotions, the outpouring has been tremendous. We had differences at times in various aspects of what we do but the city has come together in an unbelievable way and it been very refreshing and rewarding," he said.

Converse Flip Flops Womens

Converse Flip Flops Womens

Year old Lakim Faust was booked Friday on four counts of attempted 1st degree murder. His booking photos appear to have been taken while he was still in the hospital.

He identified as 23 year old Lakim Faust.

As the victims recover at Vidant Medical Center, the alleged gunman lays in a hospital bed nearby. Nearly a week after the shootings, 9 On Your Side returned to the scene with Greenville Police Chief, Hassan Aden.

In the meantime, he showing his gratitude with a sign outside his business; "Thanks and God Bless the Greenville Police."


Sarbo was working at Heath Motorsports across the street at the time. His boss, Walter "Butch" Heath got curious and went to investigate. Little did he know, he was about to come face to face with the Converse Womens Sneakers

Converse Flip Flops Womens

"When he gets straightened out, yeah, I going to see him because I kind of curious to know why he didn shoot me. I mean, I hate to say it, the Lord made us all, and no, something like that is not going to intimidate me, or scare me anyway. But if it your time to go, no matter where you go or what you do, it your time to go. It just wasn my time."

As police continue to search for a motive behind Friday mass shootings in Greenville, more details continue to emerge about the alleged shooter and what exactly happened that day.

A man dressed in black left his apartment armed with a pistol grip shotgun and 100 rounds of ammunition. Police said he had one goal; to cause mass destruction.

And just last week, it happened in Greenville without warning.

In his 17 years with the Greenville Police Department, Chief Deputy, Ted Sauls, said he never experienced anything like it.

Two days after the crime, police revealed the shooter name. Converse Low Tops Grey

Police said it began a little before noon Friday morning on Hartford Street.

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Just a couple hundred feet away from his apartment, the gunman stopped in front of the Kellum Law Firm. His first victim was 64 year old Timothy Edwards. The Geico insurance adjuster had just left the law firm after dropping off a check and some paperwork.

Police raided Faust apartment Friday. A search warrant 9 On Your Side obtained shows police seized a laptop computer and Playstation 3 system from the apartment. Those devices were sent to the FBI.

Police have officially booked the suspect in a mass shooting that injured four people and ended with a shootout near the Greenville Blvd Walmart parking lot.

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