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For breakfast, diners can choose from traditional items like oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelets, and classic eggs Benedict and riffs on the Bene, as well as Mexican inspired dishes like huevos rancheros and a sunrise burrito.

On another visit, I try the turkey melt sandwich, which has roasted turkey, Ortega chiles, mozzarella cheese and avocado stuffed between two Converse Shoes Womens Black

Sunrise Cafe, located at the corner of Wedge Parkway and Mount Rose Highway, solves this problem for residents with speedy service and delicious breakfast and lunch fare.

Converse Glitter Silver

The waffle looks like a giant flower and has eight pull apart sections that resemble petals. The rum caramel sauce is sinfully sweet and addicting, but I can't handle more than a few bites.

Converse Glitter Silver

Sunrise Converse Glitter Silver Cafe is a welcome addition to south Reno. With its generous portions and appealing service, it's sure to become a local favorite.

´╗┐Great breakfasts come to the deep South Reno

Converse Glitter Silver

Converse Glitter Silver

are white and pale yellow. A four table banquette is the Pink Converse High Tops Australia

Converse Glitter Silver

My party orders the eggs 'n' more dish with two eggs, Spanish chorizo, potatoes and biscuits and gravy.

The challenge south Reno residents were faced with until recently was where to get breakfast nearby. Going out for breakfast usually required a 10 to 15 minute drive north, and then the wait for a table.

The bread crunchy, with garlic butter and flecks of parsley barely contains the fillings, which spill onto the plate when eating. The sandwich is delicious meaty and cheesy, with matters brightened by the chiles and avocado.

Converse Glitter Silver

Converse Glitter Silver

Converse Glitter Silver

slices of toasted sourdough bread.

Converse Glitter Silver

For a treat, we try the Belgian waffle topped with caramelized bananas and rum sauce. The menu lists the waffle as being topped with whipped cream, but since I'm not a fan of the creamy accoutrements, I don't miss it when it doesn't arrive on the plate.

The platter of food that arrives is overwhelming two giant sausages flank fried eggs and a pile of home fries (potatoes, red and green bell peppers). The sausage is smoky and rich pure piggy pleasure. Eggs are cooked appropriately, but I wish for a little crispness on the home fries, which are a bit soft for my taste. The omelet is topped with half an avocado, sliced perfectly and fanned out. The shrimp are perfectly pink and cooked without being rubbery, and the ingredients balance each other without any one ingredient overwhelming the dish.

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Need salt

Sandwiches come with either housemade potato chips or French fries. I try both the French fries are decent, but the potato chips lack adequate crunch, and both are overwhelmingly bland. Servers flit about the dining room pouring coffee, offering menu suggestions and chatting up guests. The servers appear to enjoy their jobs I overhear one praising the restaurant's ingredients to a customer.

The walls Converse Blue Low Cut

focal point of the large dining room decorated with enormous vases filled with silk flowers. The dark mahogany bar occupies almost a whole wall and contains a giant faux antique clock.

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