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Sioux City overflowBusinesses in Sioux City remain closed because of water overflow on the southern half of the Hamilton Boulevard exit off of Interstate Converse Fashion 2018

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Rising water encroached Friday on almost complete levee systems along southeastern South Dakota, while groundwater continued to increase with the potential to flood basements in homes along the Missouri River.


"That's the biggest question now," he said. "How much rain do they get?"

but also potential ground erosion.

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"We're keeping a very close eye on that," Rettig said.

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On a Facebook page for displaced residents, complaints of the unapproved entrance by city workers into evacuated homes have shown up.

Crews have built levees at 1,100 feet in expectation of 1,098 foot water levels, but emergency center adviser Nathan Sanderson said that level may drop two to three feet at the river's apex.

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Rain, snowmeltRainfall and snow melt in the northern Rocky Mountains and Montana, which caused the flooding, are expected to continue, with rain showers forecast this weekend.

Officials advise no one to Converse Dark Red Low

The problem is that sandbags provide no protection from water coming from underground, and recent rainfall has provided excess fluid to already saturated property along the river.

approach within 25 feet of the river downstream from the dam in Yankton because of extreme flow rates that have washed away small islands and sent large tree branches into the river. Boaters at Lewis and Clark Lake are advised to stay 1,000 feet away from the dam because of the extreme intakes and dangerously strong current.

"That's really good news, obviously, " Sanderson said.

Potential erosionMany of the homes along the ridge in the Yankton area are constructed on sandy soil, allowing quick water drainage Converse Limited Edition Shoes

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Converse Glitter Sneakers

How quickly temperatures warm up will dictate the speed of the snowmelt period, National Weather Service meteorologist Phil Schumacher said.

´╗┐Ground saturation deepens concerns

Capping sewersAnother problem in Dakota Dunes has been the potential of sewage backup. City workers entered some evacuated homes to take measures to prevent such backup.

Gavins Point Dam in Yankton will hit the targeted release of 150,000 cubic feet of water per second by Tuesday, prompting dozens of homeowners in neighborhoods such as Riverside Acres and Larson's Landing in Yankton to wave yellow flags on front yards signaling evacuation.

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It's a necessary measure, said Beth Hermanson, public information officer for the state Department of Agriculture. "They're simply doing what they can to prevent sewage backup so people don't come home to a basement full of sewage," she said. Army Corps of Engineers predicted water levels at Dakota Dunes would Converse Glitter Sneakers fall a couple feet short of initial estimates in part because of water spreading outside the banks of the river.

Converse Glitter Sneakers

Converse Glitter Sneakers

"I think hundreds of homes could be affected by the rising groundwater," said Lee Rettig of Yankton County emergency management.

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Converse Glitter Sneakers

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