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When the dust settles, McDonell said he can see McGuinty not making last minute deals to avoid an election.

happens, he added.

unfortunate that the benefit of Ontarians is in the back of the agenda. He just ignored the Drummond Report. said his Ontario PCs have always offered an alternative to McGuinty spend crazy ways.

CORNWALL Ontario could be heading back to the polls depending on whether Dalton McGuinty minority Liberal government can squeeze its budget bill through an opposition dominated amendment committee Wednesday.

working on amendments in committee right now, we see what Converse Trainers Colours

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think the budget is fair, strong and has been done in consultation with the NDP to make it better and stronger. We just want to move forward with the global economy and Ontario Converse Shoes Collection

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´╗┐Grits face provincial budget verdict

there to support hard working Ontarians. Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell can believe McGuinty would seriously consider calling an election now.

While nobody wants to see an election, Crack maintains he ready to run an election if the Liberals aren allowed to govern and fulfill their mandate to Ontarians.

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all along she would be looking to change the budget at the committee stage. This is a it or leave it budget. We can afford an election, so we should just accept his demands? That not good enough.

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The Liberals and NDP have engaged in a war of words with McGuinty accusing NDP leader Andrea Horwath of going back on key concessions (cutting corporate tax cuts, a tax on the wealthy and boosts to disability benefits) made for her party to help the budget pass.

don think the province can afford to keep going the way it is, he added.

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Prescott Glengarry Russell MPP Grant Crack said an election will depend on whether the Converse Gold budget passes.

has bought good will with high salaries, but now he basically saying he has made a mistake, McDonell said of proposed wage freezes for teachers and doctors.

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said Converse Quinceanera Shoes

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economy remaining fragile. Liberals fear the budget will have been by possible amendments and the party may ask that parliament be dissolved and an election be held on July 19.

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