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"It's absolutely imperative for us," she said about attracting immigrants to their workforce. "The community is changing, the face of the world is changing."

been on fire."

´╗┐Group aims to improve services for newcomers

"Finding better and more appropriate employment would probably be No. 1 on the list," she said.

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The council has a timeline stretching 12 months into the future to tackle the issues, with tasks such as implementing new programs in schools to celebrate diversity, establishing "newcomer champions" to Converse Gray High Tops help other immigrants, publishing a community wide newsletter on council activities, and networking with employers to encourage the hiring of new citizens.

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"It was wonderful to see that people do feel really welcome here," she said.

"These are very highly educated people," she said. "They prefer to be doing something in their field."

"Nobody really explains this when people come to Canada," she said.

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She said there is work available across S,D and G and Prescott Russell, but companies need to improve connections Converse New

Converse Gray High Tops

She said the Wal Mart distribution centre already has employees from 26 different nationalities, and they are currently working to translate orientation materials into Tagalong, Urdu and Tamil.

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But Maynard said jobs are generally the highest priority for new residents.

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Supply Chain Management Ltd. is one of the companies on board human resources manager Denise Paquette joined the committee on Friday.

Sarah Maynard, the OETB's project manager, said she had numerous meetings with immigrants and service providers to identify gaps and hear ideas.

with immigration communities to retain those families.

CORNWALL More than a dozen people from five counties have launched a new committee mandated with improving services for newcomers.

She said skilled workers often will take minimum wage jobs to support their families, but aren't able to find opportunities that use their talents and offer challenges.

The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) one of 30 across the province was launched on Friday after a year of community consultations and brainstorming sessions. Leger Immigrant Services provide oversight, the group will meet six times a year to tackle a long list of projects and goals. Leger School. "Every time we've gotten together Converse Black High Tops Womens

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"There's been a lot of input from the community," said Sharon McRae, also a co chair of the council from OETB.

Maynard said another hurdle new arrivals encounter is a lack of understanding around their responsibilities.

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She agreed that discussions on the rights and responsibilities of new citizens are an important part of integration, and she also wants to see more immigrants sharing their stories to help people see past skin colour.

Their aims for the next year revolve around four areas employment, community connection and social integration, racism and discrimination, and newcomer integration as identified by focus groups and surveys.

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