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Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

Our main courses arrived promptly, fragrantly, and colourfully, too. We also went for a side order of Bombay potato, an interestingly green mustard leaf rice, a pilau rice, and a peshwari nan.

The older I get, the less oily I like my food, and the dish came in a pleasingly pure tomato sauce.

Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

eat out, but it has two of the Black Country's best curry houses.

Likewise, Dave was pleased as punch with his tandoor cooked butterfly king prawn, while Leon and I were also happy with our tandoori prawn puri wraps.

Chris was the happiest I have seen him for weeks when his sizzling special mixed kebab selection was wheeled to our table, along with an accompanying plate of fresh salad.

Converse Green And Black

He had nothing but praise for the chunks of tandoor cooked lamb and chicken, and the accompanying sheek kebab.

Familiar curry house staples like madras, vindaloo, dhansak and dupiaza take up barely one third of the Red Rose's main course options list and with the exception of one Chicken Tikka Masala, itself deemed a triumph, we walked on the wild side.

Leon was a fan of his chef's delight balti, which came with a huge selection of vegetables, including chick peas and his choice of chicken.

We polished off virtually all of our main courses and sundries which is another glowing indictment of their quality, but that left little room for dessert other than a coffee and a chat with the friendly staff.

free. It was a good indication of the fine food that was to follow.

No such problems with our pre starter course at the Red Rose. The lime pickle, mango chutney, and yogurt dips looked and tasted as they should and the poppadoms were deliciously grease Converse Shoes Uk

Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

Converse Green And Black

Because the restaurant doesn't have a liquor licence, you'll need to remember to pick up a supply of your favourite tipple to go with your meal assuming Converse Green And Black soft drinks, mineral water or alcohol free lager don't light your fire.

However, there is no shortage of off licenses in Great Bridge, and you'll probably be glad of the chance to bring your own booze by the time the bill arrives minus the 4 some places charge for a pint of Cobra or the 12 for a bottle of house wine.

Chris had nothing but praise for the Red Rose's take on Britain's favourite dish the chicken tikka masala.

Fish lover David, meanwhile, was generally happy with his salmon tandoori masala, although he did lament afterwards that the sauce appeared to have been sweetened.

My heart often sinks when all seems to be going well at a new culinary find only for staff to deliver bizarrely and unnaturally coloured poppadom condiments.

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Great Bridge might not be at the top of many people's lists of fine places to Converse Shoes High Tops White

of all, there were four raw green chillis served as a garnish allowing you to decide for yourself exactly how hot you'd like your platter. Two were sufficient for me.

Alok in the town has previously delighted the Express Star's tastebuds and now the newly refurbished Red Rose Cuisine across the road has thrown its hat into the ring.

´╗┐Great Bridge Express Star

I don't go in for competitions on who can eat the hottest food. Not anymore, anyway. But I am a fan of the chilli pepper, and the spicy garlicky combination on offer with my roshunee chilli dish made it my top choice.

Converse Green And Black

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