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Owen, who studied psychology, maths and biology, needs to get two As and a B to study psychology at Leicester University while his brother Matthew is hoping for an A and two As from his A levels in philosophy, maths and English to study social sciences at Durham University.

Luckily, he and his family escaped without serious injury, but years later he began to realise how lucky he had been.

For many, it will be a day of shared joy, as they open the famous envelope and celebrate with their friends. For others, it will be a day of near misses and worries about Converse Brown Laces

We will be running comprehensive coverage of results day, both online and in print. See our website throughout Thursday for live coverage as the results come in, reaction from schools, colleges and students, and photos from across the region.

The Beetley pair are both awaiting their results from Dereham Converse Kids

It has taken many years of full time education, endless hours of revision and a whole lot of worry.

Owen, who plans to go straight to university in September, said: "I'm kind of excited. After a whole year's work, I'd Converse Low Top Womens

´╗┐Great expectations for talented teens as the A

Converse Grey Mens

He's nervous about getting his results, but having already achieved an A maths A Level last year, Lasith is feeling confident.

"I started asking for donations instead of birthday presents, as my birthday is in August which is when we usually visited.

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Lasith has been helping others

He flies out to India on August 27 and will spend the year working with the charity Project Trust, teaching English and ICT to schoolchildren.

Matthew, meanwhile, is hoping to get the results he needs before he heads to India later this month for a gap year.

Between studying for his biology, chemistry and physics A Levels, Lasith Ranasinghe has also been fundraising for the charity he founded.

The 18 year old from Admirals Way in Hethersett was visiting Sri Lanka with his family in 2004 when the tsunami hit.

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The 18 year old added: "I'm excited for Matt too but I think he might do a bit better than me."

And on Friday, we will print a special 12 page supplement rounding up the results, with scores of smiling faces from our schools and colleges, and the chance to compare how educational establishments performed and Converse Grey Mens read stories from some of the students.

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like to find out how well I actually did.

Sixth Form.

"The first year I raised about 200 to take over there, but seeing how grateful they were, I knew I had to keep going."

Lasith officially launched his charity, Smiles, in 2010 and since then has focused on buying equipment to help improve education in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

And tomorrow, it is judgement day for thousands of East Anglian teenagers who will find out their A level results.

what to do next.

"I'm quite nervous but it's not something you can change once you've gone in and done the exams," he said.

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Converse Grey Mens

He said: "I was only eight, but a few years after I began to think there were still quite a lot of children around who had lost their parents.

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Converse Grey Mens

He said: "I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, but I feel like I should be OK.

Together with his girlfriend Gina, who will also receive her A level results tomorrow, he has been fundraising since December to fund the trip.

"I worked hard and I'm hoping I've done enough to confirm my place at Imperial College London to study medicine."

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Converse Grey Mens

"I felt I tried my best and I want to see what I got out of it."

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