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Mrs Honeyman said that the bowl a thon had pushed the fund raising total just shy of their Converse Uk Office

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Converse Hi Tops Leather White

On Saturday, nearly 100 people attended a bowl a thon held at Namco Funscape, in Bowthorpe, for a final fund raising push.

Between 10 or 12 children are diagnosed with VGM each year in the UK.

Sometimes the heart may not be able to cope with this workload Converse Low Tops Blue

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´╗┐Grace's latest operation

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Her family launched a new fund raising appeal earlier this year to raise more than 20,000 for Ella Grace's latest surgery, which will take place in New York in less than six weeks.

It flows faster and at a higher pressure than usual, which means that to ensure that good blood supply to the brain the heart must work harder.

or pressure on the Converse Hi Tops Leather White brain can mean it does not develop properly.

Vein of Galen malformationThe malformation is an abnormal connection between a vein near the vein of Galen and arteries supplying the brain with blood. This connection allows blood to flow rapidly from these arteries into the vein of Galen malformaiton.

20,000 target.

It is often possible to completely cure the VGM and, where diagnosed and treated properly, the outlook is very good, with many children growing up to lead normal lives.

"I just can't put into words just how grateful we are to everyone, because once again everybody has rallied around us and been really supportive. No words I can say or anything I can do to show how grateful we are."

Laura Honeyman, Ella Grace's mother, said: "It was really, really good. We had 20 lanes given to us and 95 people came along. I wanted to try and do something fresh and something we could aim at families, but that we could keep cheap."

Some children develop problems after birth while others develop them later in childhood.

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"When we first started I wasn't sure if we'd make it, but we are Converse High Tops Mens

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pretty much there now maybe 2,500 short with a couple of events to come.

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Fundraising Bowl A Thon at Namco Funscape, Bowthorpe in aid of Ella Grace Honeyman. Photo: Steve Adams

Seven year old Ella Grace Honeyman, from Hevingham, near Aylsham, was diagnosed with the life threatening Vein of Galen Malformation just four days before her first birthday in June 2008.

A 25 mile sponsored bike ride on Saturday, June 29 and a zumba thon at the Hewett School in Norwich arranged on Saturday, July 12 have been planned to give the total a final boost.

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Converse Hi Tops Leather White

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