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Converse Hi Tops Men

Converse Hi Tops Men

Converse Hi Tops Men

A shelf inside the kitchen freezer collapsed under the weight of extra holiday stock, which opened the door just enough to turn on the freezer light. The light came down with the shelf and sat on top of a plastic bag, which caught Women Converse Slip On

Converse Hi Tops Men

The Lakeside Grill recently signed a five year lease and moving forward, Naim says there will be a bit of a different look inside the dining area.

Converse Hi Tops Men

Naim said the overall damage is in the $200,000 to $225,000 range.

Converse Hi Tops Men

Naim is correlated with, it is tough.

now, Naim said. four years, we kind of know what people are after.

is) a lot of damage in the kitchen area to the dry wall, and ceiling and everything needs to be gutted out all the way back to the studs pretty much, Naim said. restaurant side has a lot of smoke damage. So we still debating on whether we still need to take the drywall out and clean it up. recent meeting with the city insurer determined the soonest the restaurant can be up and running again will be near the end of August 2014 because of contractor scheduling difficulties.

Lakeside Grill staff have been able to pick up shifts between other service establishments in Cold Lake that Converse Quilted High Tops

Converse Hi Tops Men

A freezer light overheating a plastic bag caused the fire at the Lakeside Grill on Dec. 13, according to part owner Rameh Naim.

Converse Hi Tops Men


Converse Hi Tops Men

Converse Hi Tops Men

will have a) little bit Converse Hi Tops Men more higher end menu. We kind of leaning towards that right Purple Converse High Tops Size 3

´╗┐Grill fire started inside freezer

Converse Hi Tops Men

He said ideas are being thrown around in the meantime, including fixing up the dining room to perhaps do a coffee bar, but nothing is official, and it all comes down to the contractors schedules.

try not to lose the people you have because you build your business with those people, Naim said.

Converse Hi Tops Men

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