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On this greenfield site, a new low cost dairy unit of 250 cows is being established, funded equally by the three partners in the company, with the support of AIB. A full time farm manager is running the operation. Teagasc researchers are providing support to the project which Converse Colors High Tops

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While an enormous amount of work has been done on the farm since September, the hard frost of the past few weeks has halted concreting work.

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Tuesday is confined to farmers from Leinster, while Wednesday is open to the rest of the country.

Cillin Hill on the Dublin road out of Kilkenny, at 10.30am. This is a whole day event. One and a half hours will be held indoors at the mart in Kilkenny. This time will be devoted to the financial appraisal of the project and what was involved in buying the stock.

´╗┐Greenfield diary farm open days spark national interest

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The open days will be held on the farm on Tuesday and Wednesday of next Converse High week.

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Work began on reseeding the farm in September once all the tillage crops had been removed. The intention is to milk 340 cows at the peak.

includes business planning and intensive technical support and Teagasc advisers will also use the farm extensively as a hub to disseminate information and transfer knowledge, for the benefit of all dairy farmers.

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The Greenfield Dairy Project in Kilkenny is hosting an open day next week for local and national farmers.

the working dairy farm.

The farm is currently up and running and has been running since January 1 this year.

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The plan for the farm is to support existing family farms to expand milk production in a financially profitable manner; to provide new entrants into dairy farming with the required technology to develop a successful business and to demonstrate the financial feasibility of converting a greenfield farm into a profitable dairy farm.

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Glanbia, the Agricultural Trust and the farm owners, the Phelan family, last year formed a new limited company, which has leased the 117 hectare farm from the land owners for at least a 15 year period.

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There has been a lot of interest from dairy farmers in the new idea and next week open days are expected to entice a lot of interest.

The 113ha (net area ) tillage farm in the town land of Clara, is six miles from Kilkenny city and next week, for two days, people are invited to come along and see first hand the work that has been taking place on Converse Sale Uk Mens

The assembly point will be Kilkenny mart, at Converse Fashion Girl

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