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"Somebody hollered, 'Somebody call 911.' So I stepped around and realized from quite a distance there were people standing around and there was an elderly gentlemen on the floor," Decae said.

Cazabon said her parents winter in Las Vegas. Her father had come home alone for a few days and was on his way back to the United States.

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"When we attended to him he had Converse Grey Low

"That's what first responders do. You react and then think later how could I do that better, but you have to react," he said.

The group lead by Davies and Decae kept Harold comfortable until police and paramedics arrived to take him to hospital.

"Early CPR with early AED is what saved him. It's training that saved that guys life," she said.

"His wife, children and their give grandchildren all have big smiles on their faces thanks to those who took the action that truly saved a man's life," Cazabon wrote in an email.

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his son, Aaron, were in Las Vegas for police and fire drag racing and had just passed through customs, when Harold, who was also on the flight, collapsed at the baggage claim.

When Aime Decae retired from the Saskatoon Police 11 years ago, he thought his days of saving lives were behind him.

"I was going to ask him if he was OK and he made what's called an agonal breath." A sound someone makes when they are having trouble breathing.

"Thanks to them my father is alive and recovering. He is a walking miracle that would not have been with us without their amazing actions," she said.

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Davies, who was also on the flight was going to the baggage area when she noticed Harold sitting in Converse High Cut Black For Girls a chair with his head back, eyes open and face a "purple" colour.

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Harold received a quadruple heart bypass and is recovering in a Las Vegas hospital surrounded by family.

Decae credits their pair's training and the available AED to their quick reaction which ultimately saved the man's life.

Davies said this story shows the importance of people getting CPR and AED training.

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The 66 year old former staff sergeant along with off duty Saskatoon firefighter, Debbie Davies leapt into action last Friday when a Rosthern man named Harold suffered a heart attack in the Las Vegas airport.

´╗┐Group effort saves Rosthern man

Davies says they shocked him once. She continued compressions while Decae continued mouth to mouth. After a few minutes Harold regained consciousness.

doing compressions for two to three minutes when my friend came back with the AED."

no pulse. If nobody did anything he would have died. You can't let that happen, you just can't. You have to do something," Decae said.

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"My heart just dropped, I was so happy," she said after getting a pulse back.

Another man, an EMT, jumped in to help. She said he cut Harold's shirt off while another woman with medical training applied the pads to his chest.

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"It's a nice feeling that you helped somebody."

Harold's daughter Jill Cazabon said her father recalled feeling tired and felt he just fell asleep.

With the help of her friend, Davies got Harold out of the chair and on to the floor. She then yelled for someone to get the automated external defibrillator (AED).

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