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Grandinetti did suffer a heart attack, but it was an irregular heart beat that caused his heart to stop and him to pass out, he said.

Grandinetti had not Sadowsky said.

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However, he cannot remember anything that happened that fateful day, nor does he recall golfing the day before with his son, or being in SAH for three days before being air lifted to Sudbury's Health Sciences North hospital.

timing couldn't have been any better, seeing as this week is National Emergency Services Week.

had a shockable rhythm, she added, which meant electricity was still running through his heart.

It took paramedics only a few minutes to arrive from their base on Old Garden River Road.

The EMS team began CPR and hooked him up to the defibrillator.

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Sadowsky and Rathwell left the hospital knowing Grandinetti's heart was beating again, but that did not mean he would be all right.

Grandinetti was not breathing and had no pulse when people in the parking lot flagged down Hilary Sadowsky and Sherri Rathwell's ambulance.

After returning from a Sudbury hospital late last week, Grandinetti sought out the paramedics saved my life three weeks ago.

He had no idea who they were, but showed up at the local Emergency Medical Services offices on Old Garden River Road on Monday asking to meet the EMS workers responsible.

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never got a pulse back. Our protocol is, after four shocks we leave the scene to get him to definitive care, which would be the hospital, Rathwell said. heart was still trying to start. paramedics remained at Sault Area Hospital to help for a short time as ER workers administered medication to Grandinetti and shocked him a few more times. They got a pulse.

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What is now clear is that the Sault Ste. Marie native had a heart attack and was found nearly Converse Gold Leather

didn't have any vitals when Converse High Tops Black Sale we got there, Rathwell said.

What did he say when he finally came face to face with them Thursday afternoon?

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The last thing Guy Grandinetti recalls . well, actually, he doesn't remember much during the first week of May, but is happy to be alive to talk about it now.

dead beside his car in the parking lot of Rome's Independent Grocer on Great Northern Road.

was dead. I guess it's a good thing they didn't give up on me, he said of Sadowsky and Rathwell.

Confidentiality rules forbid them from inquiring about patients, which means the team did not know until this week that he survived the ordeal.

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The women shocked him four times with the defibrillator, but he did not revive.

guess she saw me falling, Grandinetti speculated.

you very much. Thank you for saving my life. If it wasn't for these girls I'd be dead right now, he said of the two young paramedics that found him stretched out on the ground Monday, May 6.

that he (Grandinetti) came knocking on the door, and just before that I was checking (the obits) because I was interested, we shocked him four times. You wonder, Rathwell said.

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´╗┐Grandinetti extends hand to lifesavers

And they began treatment that eventually saved the 65 year old man's life.

really nice to find out that he's healthy, he's well, Sadowsky said.

He doesn't remember what happened.

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Apparently, a still unknown woman saw him stretched out on the asphalt and called 911.

She admitted that in such cases, she keeps a close eye on obituary announcements to see if a patient it. a sick habit, she said. the only one way that you can find out what happened to a patient. got the good news about Grandinetti from her boss shortly after he showed up at the EMS office in search of the paramedics.

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wanted to shake their hands. I wanted to hug them, Grandinetti said.

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