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"Help us succeed today by giving us the tools of tomorrow," was the motto used in the school's submission, and one that caught the attention of the judges, Best Buy district manager Cory Scheel said.

Converse High Tops Gray

"We were blown away by the number and quality of the submissions,' he said, adding that the company increased the number of second place gift cards, worth $10,000 because of the strong response. "We feel that technology can help students learn life long skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. As we all know technology is very important in today's classrooms."

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Grade 7 students at the Elizabeth Mtis Settlement School won their school $20,000 to help outfit the school with new technology for its classrooms.

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"Now that we have the funds, the possibilities are limitless, really," he added. "Everybody is really excited about it and I was pleased to see the reaction from the kids. This is a really excellent group Converse High Tops Gray of kids to work with."

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Converse High Tops Gray

Converse High Tops Gray

Winick said that no final decision was made on how to spend the money for the school, but laptops seemed to be an early frontrunner.

The video was written and produced by the nine Grade 7 students at the school, along with teachers Lee Winick and Graeme Campell.

Winick said the money opens up a lot of opportunities for the school.

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´╗┐Grade 7 students earn Elizabeth school

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submissions that came from across the country.

Converse High Tops Gray

"It just goes to show you what we can produce with technology," Winick said. "We can produce something that really makes everybody proud. I think this really speaks to this community as well."

The win was part of a National Best Buy contest that asked schools to submit videos describing how consumer electronics can help in the classroom. The Elizabeth Metis Settlement students' video was one of 10 selected Converse High Heels Wedges

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