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When asked what made her push herself to study at both school and Tafe, Amber said she "enjoyed the challenge''.

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Amber now works at the centre every day of the week, Monday to Friday after school and somehow still manages to retain her straight A school report.

Mrs Cabban works as a students services officers at Whyalla Town Primary School, as well as being a student herself studying an external teaching degree through Charles Darwin University.

Originally Amber wanted to become a physical education teacher due to her love of sports and science based subjects with an intent to teach year 10 to 12 students but then changed her mind.

Due to Amber's determination earlier on in life by successfully completing her certificate in children's services, she will qualify to complete her university degree a semester earlier than her peers.

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Amber's team has learnt plenty from her and her friend and co coach Sally Virgo, and last year her under 11s girls team won back to back grand finals.

When her mother used to work at the school's after school hours care, Amber would often go and help out mum by doing a few chores like washing dishes, putting away toys and playing with the children.

Her previous Tafe study equates to approximately a semester of lessons in a Bachelor of Education (primary).

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"After working at OSHC I really decided I wanted to work with children that age rather than older kids," Amber said.

She has had plenty of experience with children of this age through her out Converse High Tops Sale White of school hours care job for the past three years now.

than the under 11s because they are so small and cute, and it's not as competitive," Amber said.

When asked why she wanted to be a teacher Amber said it all came down to her passion for working with children.

This work was not overlooked by out of school hours care staff and when Amber turned 14 she was offered a paid position at the school.

This year she has taken on a younger team of under seven girls.

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Attending Memorial Oval Primary School, she became a part of the Student Representative Council, and held this role through to Whyalla High School, and now at Edward John Eyre High where she is currently the president of the student council.

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Amber said when she was younger, she spent lots of her childhood either looking after or spending time with children but said she believes her love for children and educating others has stemmed from her mum Mel.

Amber is also very active in the community, she has played netball for Warriors since a young age, and has coached for the club for the past three years.

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"I have wanted to be one [teacher] for as long as I can remember," Amber said.

She volunteers her time coaching Tuesdays and Saturdays, alongside playing netball herself in the B grade and umpiring when needed.

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Amber took home several awards including seven outstanding academic achievement awards across all of her subjects, an award for consistent application and effort and the community sports person award in which she received a medallion along with a certificate.

Born in November 1995 to Mel and Brenton Cabban, Amber was the first born in her immediate family.

Her hard efforts were rewarded at the end of 2012 at Edward John Eyre High School's review night.

"Coaching the under sevens Converse Sale Uk Junior

Amber is very proud of all her achievements, and said her parents, though they do not always say it, are very proud too. Converse High Tops Gray

´╗┐Green lights ahead for Amber

"In year 10, I looked at medicine and stuff because the teachers looked at my high grades and thought why am I going to be a teacher, but I just want to be, I just do, I love kids".

Amber's future ambition is to become a primary school teacher and said she would like to study the newly introduce course at UniSA Whyalla campus or externally through Charles Darwin University like her mother.

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In year 11, Amber decided to push herself even further, while studying with straight A grade results, she managed to complete a five month course at TafeSA Whyalla and obtained a certificate IV in Children's Services OSHC.

Throughout her schooling life, Amber has been known for being a high achiever and above average student.

Amber Cabban is a 17 year old who has more ambition and drive than the average teenager, in fact, she has strived above and beyond the expectations of both her family and teachers.

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