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It not so much offending as frivoluous. To say ". . . the violence that has always been latent in the environmentalist movement spilled out into open view" entirely and only on the basis of a press release by a vested interest that makes allegations but provides no detail is not, to put it politely, serious reporting. To extrapolate from one possibly unfounded and almost certainly exaggerated allegation to the conclusion that violence is inherent in environmentalism is to parody a complex phenomenon. Andrew critics could, with some justification, label him as a shill for Dart Energy, a company (how should I put this?) not entirely free of controversy.

On completion the well will be cemented up in line with relevant regulations and industry best practice

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The site will be fully restored to its former use as soon as practicable following completion of the drilling activities

While there are some local protestors the vast majority are from outwith the area most having been seen at Barton Moss and Dart Energy's previous drilling site in Cheshire.

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The site operations will take 8 12 weeks from start to finish

violent act followed a night of masked protestors Converse Shoes For Men Leather White

The police were not in attendance at the time but have been advised of the incident. The assailant who is not from the area is well known to the company and a statement will be given to the police with a view to charges been laid. Dart Energy will not tolerate violence or abuse towards any of its employees or contractors.

The Lound 1 well aims to confirm coal continuity and properties for the primary target coal seams. The well will be similar to a CBM well previously drilled at Everton, a site which has been reinstated and returned to the landowner.

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In April 2014, Dart Energy commenced drilling a coalbed methane (CBM) exploration well called Lound 1 at a site near Sutton Cum Lound to the west of the A638 in Nottinghamshire.

Dart Energy's site manager was this morning assaulted by a protestor as he attempted to gain access to the site. This Converse Dark Blue High

The well will be drilled using a mobile drilling rig that will be removed from site once we are finished

Don get me wrong here I think that there is a violent streak in significant strands of the environmental movement but I not convinced that shrill denunciations of what seems, by any reckoning, to have been a trivial incident is the most convincing way of either understanding or demonstrating it. And if it turns out there wasn any violence in this instance then I would agree it will have been a misjudgment to use the phrase Andrew did, with the benefit of significant hindsight. But I judge it very unlikely that there was no violence in this case and I appreciate his robust commentary, which I hope is matched by decisive sentencing in the courts, as I already said. But then I always liked the phrase it in the bud No. All the words from within the community, including from Pope Francis recently, are that this is a terrible evil. Where is the equivalent of calling the victims Your analogies are far fetched and that speaks to me that your judgment on what Andrew wrote is wrong.

John Converse High Tops Uk Cheap McGoldrick, Dart Energy's CEO said:

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We are drilling a vertical CBM exploration well to collect samples of coal for analysis

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The well will be drilled using water based drilling fluid

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methane flowing during the drilling operations. The difference is surely that one chooses to become an environmentalist by buying into a worldview. For many being part of the resulting community includes stigmatising and dehumanising their opponents. is just the most concise and obvious example. And that latent violence, pure and simple. It doesn of course mean that all environmentalists will end up committing violent acts. But too many are encouraging it in others with their violent words.

´╗┐Greens turn violent

Violent protest at Daneshill Road drill site Nottinghamshire

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We are not hydraulically fracturing (fracking), nor are we removing water. There will be no Converse Shoes Uk 6.5

Some key facts about our work in Lound 1:

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But it would be helpful if you quoted the offending phrase or phrases.

The well will be cased with steel and cement to a depth of 350 metres to protect aquifers in the Sherwood Sandstone

"Since the aggravated trespass of the site earlier this week, as a result of which a contractor required hospital treatment, we have witnessed an escalation in non peaceful protest. Site personnel have been threatened with violence (death in one case), verbal abuse, racial abuse and now physical abuse. There is no way that the protest movement can claim it is making a peaceful protest. These abuses are despicable and cowardly.

24 hour drilling operations are expected to last 3 4 weeks in total

We expect the police to take the appropriate action to protect our site and personnel from such violence and abuse and will insist that the fullest charges are laid against those who do not abide by the law."

The site is approximately the size of half a football pitch and the rig is the same height as a set of standard rugby posts

circling the drilling site screaming and shouting abuse, throwing objects at Security Personnel and causing criminal damage.

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