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If you knew Steve at all, you knew this: He was bright, he was kind, he was funny, he possessed an encyclopedic memory for pop Converse High Tops Womens Uk culture and sports trivia, and he could have you in stitches whenever the mood took him to recite full scenes from Converse Dark Blue

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

That was vintage Steve, always kind and calm, always composed.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

I hope it did. But Steve could play his cards close to his vest.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

We now know that Steve's waters ran deep. His death this week has devastated us. The manner of his passing has shocked us. And the sharp clarity of our hindsight is only compounding all of our hurt and our regrets as we mourn our friend.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

To know Steve Pettibone was to love him. And we, his colleagues, loved him in that unique way in which people that spend a great deal of time together, and respect each other, and work towards a common goal, can grow to deeply care for each other.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Steve's love for his family and friends, his partner Michelle and her boys Evan and Troy, and even his hound dog Rocco, was evident to us all. He always highly anticipated his well deserved vacation weeks, which he often used to escape to a family cottage for some R with those close to him.

A dedicated, talented professional, Steve loved his craft and strove to hone it. He started here as a general assignment reporter, covering beats such as health and education. But his love for and keen knowledge of sports was evident to everyone around him. I was therefore not surprised when he applied internally for our sports editor position after Ron Smith called it a career in 2012.

He interned at The Intelligencer, our sister daily in Belleville. When a newsroom position opened in Brockville, The Intelligencer's management highly recommended Steve. Belleville had hoped to keep him, but simply didn't have an open slot. That city's loss proved Brockville's gain.

Steve brought his trademark enthusiasm, hard work and diligence to his new position. I think he took delight in seeing his new title in the Sports banner; I think it made him quietly proud to rise the ranks relatively quickly. At least Converse Shoes Ladies Size 5

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Steve also loved music and played in a band in his youth. You had to have time to spare if you got him started on a conversation about guitars, because it could take awhile. I'm also hearing legendary tales of his eager 'audience engagement' at concerts.

Reporter Alanah Duffy and sports editor Steve Pettibone take a 'selfie' in April 2014 to send to editor Derek Gordanier in protest of the song of the same name.

Steve also enjoyed golf and played hockey in his youth. His loyalty to the Montreal Canadiens bordered on cultish. I took cruel pleasure in mocking his Habs when my Ottawa Senators defeated them in the 2013 conference quarterfinal. Steve, always a gentleman, exercised superhuman restraint and refused to respond in kind when my Sens failed to make the post season this year, even as Montreal advanced to the final.

left on somewhere in the background, if you happened to be out of direct sight of him.

´╗┐Greatly diminished

The Simpsons a particular obsession in which he often indulged delivered in uncanny mimicry of the characters' voices.

Steve (I saddled him with the newsroom rapper nickname 'P Bone') effortlessly brought humour to our close knit group at the Recorder and Times, and he routinely brightened our days with some comic observation or impression. But humour was only one tool in his kit. He was a smart and ambitious reporter who came to journalism later in life. He seemed intent on making up for lost time.

A clich it may be, but I defy someone who knew Steve to disagree. After all, what was not to love about this guy?

And when I say Steve could make you laugh, I'm talking about silent, full bodied, dry heaving laughter that left you clutching your sides in pain by the end of it. This happened more than once to me. One day I had to resort to begging just to make him stop mimicking full episodes of the 'Hey everybody, it's me, the Champ!' radio comedy skits of the 1990s. I feared permanent damage to my epiglottis if he persisted in making me laugh so hard.

His fluctuation between the voices of Monty Burns and Waylon Smithers during these impromptu dialogues could convince you a TV had been Converse Shoes Ladies Malaysia

He often expressed faux outrage at the use of clich even while peppering his jokes with them, so I know he would appreciate this one: To know Steve Pettibone was to love him.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Steve had already put a political studies degree under his belt before deciding his true calling was journalism, and he pursued his new path with single minded purpose. He returned to school, graduated Loyalist College's program, and then in a rare feat for a newly minted scribbler cruised into his first jobs on community daily newspapers, rather than making a pit stop in the weeklies, a more common training ground for newbies. His talent and skill set equipped him to immediately skip the junior ranks.

Converse High Tops Womens Uk

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