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Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

As a result of problems with the recycled water quality being used, the irrigation systems now require an expensive treatment to ensure quality water flows through.

"In hindsight I believe we took the cheaper option and had we not, I would suspect it would have cost the same amount of money to have a fully operational system," Cr Carter said.

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Cr Carter said the somewhat bungled project has used "a lot of money" for poor visual results at this point in time.

"Our water issue now is because of B class recycled water, the algae growth has Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia got past all the filtration systems and is now in the main dripping lines causing the system to clog," Cr Carter said.

In improving the presentability of the town, Loxton councillors supported the idea of removing all native trees and replacing them with exotic tree varieties.

"I am ashamed of what is being presented as the greening or waterproofing of Whyalla and seek the public's support to convince the other councillors and managers that we want other than native vegetation grown on high visual impact areas such as our main arterial roads," Cr Carter said.

"To date, it has cost over six million dollars with another three to $500,000 to be spent so the system can manage the recycled water."

As the project takes another turn for the worse, Cr Carter said the council needs to take ownership of the problematic project and instead present a beautiful city the community deserves.

"I recently attended a function at Loxton similar rainfall, similar climate as Whyalla they also have a Black Converse High Tops Toddler

similar irrigation system to ours where they don't rely on the Murray River at all," Cr Carter said

"If they can do it, why can't we?"

"It's not too late" Cr Carter said.

"Outdoor staff is required to go in out of hours to unclog the filter hence the reason now we need the hyperchlorination system at a cost of more than $200,000 and this is necessary.

"I need the public to email me and other councillors about what you as the citizens of Whyalla want in our high impact areas.

"Look at the pictures and tell us do you want the current or non native (exotic trees) and landscaped areas?

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Cr Carter said he could see no reason why Whyalla could not achieve the same visually attractive presentation.

"We may live on the edge of a desert but we don't have to portray the Converse Laces Styles

once presented they could see the bigger picture of how non natives (exotics) could enhance their town," Cr Carter said.

"We too want to be proud of our city, we want to raise the livability standard and this is one way to achieve this goal."

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Cr Carter said he hoped the public would support a vision of a green Whyalla with attractive, landscaped medians and trees and help persuade the council to adopt this.

"I'm ashamed at the current state of the project however we need to take ownership as councillors and expend the money to right the system," Cr Carter said.

"Loxton councillors and residents were met with some resistance of the removal of native trees in their high impact areas but Converse Leather White Mens

"Loxton has a mix of plane trees, jacarandas, variegated maple varieties, grass landscapes and roundabouts and is something their community is proud of."

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

Cr Carter said with the majority of the trees planted having died or being destroyed by last year's storm in November, there was an opportunity to replace these trees with something much more aesthetically pleasing.

Cr Carter said the current greening project was not what he had supported.

Cr Carter said he would like to gain public comment on the notion of having exotic trees planted on the median strips of Whyalla's main arterial roads.

Whyalla City councillor Colin Carter is appealing to the community to help right the wrongs of the council's greening Whyalla project shame.

"Most of the newly planted trees have died so we're back to a blank canvas," Cr Carter said.

Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia


Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

"With a water dripper system you can grow anything anywhere, even high saline areas, as fresh water will taper the salt down however if you stop the fresh water supply, salt will come back with a vengeance," Cr Carter said.

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Converse Jack Purcell Indonesia

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