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But she refuses to live in fear.

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It a scary reality; one that Hathaway knows all too well.

Dispatcher: He in your bedroom?Help me. Help me. Gina was settling in for the night when two men broke through a back window and started ransacking her house. Last June she showed 9 on your side Kristen Hunter how she locked herself in the bathroom and listened on in horror.

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Hathaway: No, bedroom.

A jury has awarded half a million dollars to the family of a man who died after Charlotte police used a stun gun on him.

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More than a year after a home invasion rocked the Greenville community, the woman who survived it all is paying tribute to the first responders who saved her.

"It took a lot for someone who never known me to put their life on the Converse Ballet Lace Navy

It was the actions of the first responders that ultimately may have saved Gina life. Now she sharing her story on national TV.

"I decided early on that this was not going to control the rest of my life. That Converse Black And White Leather High Tops

this was not going to be my destiny."

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"If you see here I was pushing the door. They were pushing the door trying to get in Converse Leather White Low and actually broke my door," she said

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´╗┐Greenville home invasion survivor featured on A show

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Dispatcher: He in the living room?

"I never was able to go back to my house and stay after that. Things that were familiar to me were unfamiliar then," she said.

After 14 minutes Gina terrifying ordeal was over. Greenville police caught brothers Maceo and Mark Gardner in the act. Six months later, a judge gave them both the maximum sentence. For Maceo, a habitual felon, it meant 28 years in prison.

Gina Hathaway will be featured on A "Panic 911." As the show preview says, "for many victims the 9 1 1 dispatcher is the only link between life and death."

Gina says she not a victim, but rather a survivor.

Time marches on and that day will stay with Gina forever.

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One June 21, 2012 Greenville police heard Hathaway call for help and came running.

Jury awards $500K in NC man's stun gun deathJury awards $500K in NC man's stun gun deathUpdated: Friday, August 29 2014 6:31 AM EDT2014 08 29 10:31:53 GMT

Hathaway: He trying to hit the door in!

Dispatcher: I still here. I understand if you want to be quiet but I still here. Is he downstairs or upstairs?Dispatcher: Are you in there by yourself?Dispatcher: What happened, why you scream?

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come into my house to save me. I think that was one reason that I decided to go ahead with it. The other was that I felt like maybe there something in it that will help someone else," she said.

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