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Advisors: Heather Greer, Katherine Dillion, Clay Shirky, Beth Noveck, Deb RoyThesis Project: Decode Delhi is a crowd sourced social Converse Navy Leather High Tops

a. Safety

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Navigating a city involves following tow major themes

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Converse Leather White Womens

Another analogy for websites focused solely on safety can be that visiting one is like visiting a rehab where you will meet people who been through similar sad experience. No one likes to visit a rehab unless she has to. Converse Shoes Brown

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In addition, rehabs are hardly successful in preventing creation of new victims. They are mostly a post event gathering place. These movements focus too much on victims whereas to be successful they need to engage the entire society. Nonetheless, these movements have provided a platform where regular citizens can share information on safety (beyond the traditional method of word of mouth and police reports).

These two aspects go hand in hand while traditional technological and Converse Leather White Womens social platforms are focus only one at a time. By considering the two together, not only a platform can be more complete but it can be more engaging.

There is actually a third aspects of navigating the city which lies roughly in between safety and knowledge of interesting places, namely, Smart Living Tips from fellow Delhiiets. I aim to design simplest possible and easily accessible digital assistant that can help one navigate from point A to point B in New Delhi.

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Since the information is primarily geographical, a natural choice is to represent it on a Map. In addition, only Black Converse High Tops Mens

Another aspect of navigating the city is knowledge about city resources, cool places to hangout, etc. To anyone who has lived in Indian cities, such information feels very incomplete. In addition to knowing where to hangout, a person typically would like to find out how safe is the neighborhood surrounding that place.

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Aspect such as safety of a city neighborhood has traditionally been hard to quantify because of lack of publicly available information. This has unfortunately created a perception problem and to some extent alienated more than half of the population. I feel that the safety issue has been compartmentalized as one belonging to activists and feminists. The platforms focusing exclusively on safety fail to keep participants engaged. This is hardly a surprise. Imagine going to a social gathering or a party just to talk about the uncomfortable topic of safety. This again has a distancing effect where people tend to imagine safety issue as being one that is unlikely to concern them. This is just because they are biased by their own past which has luckily been safe till now.

b. Knowledge

a handful of steps should be required for both information consumption and contribution. My wireframes for this platform are shown here (for both website and a mobile app). The platform aims to be engaging without being overly focused on activism or victims. The goal is to help people navigate city safely and it should not be seen as merely a crowd sourced event reporting tool. Also, the databases need to be scalable and easily searchable (through tags and filters). All these features are huge technological undertakings and, if built from scratch, will require huge team of developers.

Knowledge of interesting places

platform to quantify city of Delhi. The goal is to develop a digital assistant that can help a person navigate and discover various aspects of the city while traveling from one point to another.

Safety level of different neighborhoods in the city

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