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Hewett said voters will Converse Limited Edition Vintage have a clear understanding of what they're voting on, and they won't be happy if the Legislature overrules them.

Sen. Stan Adelstein, R Rapid City, said Wednesday that he might do just that. Adelstein sponsored legislation last session that would have raised the sales tax during only the summer months for the next three Converse White High Tops Mens

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Hewett said K 12 education and Medicaid providers are at the forefront of the initiative, but he wouldn't say whether any other program would share in the sales tax proceeds or what the split might be.

Sioux Falls School Board President Kent Alberty said a statewide tax that benefits education would help school districts that have been unable to boost local revenues by raising property taxes through opt outs.

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A group of advocates for health care providers and public schools is moving forward with plans to initiate a ballot measure that would permanently raise Converse Red And Black Sneakers

However, Alberty would prefer a constitutional amendment, which would guarantee the proceeds are spent as the sponsors intend.

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the state sales tax by 1 cent.

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Hewett said proponents have agreed on language for an initiated measure and will submit it to the Legislative Research Council for review and comment by early next week. After that, the attorney general will prepare a title and explanation, which will allow the sponsors to begin collecting the 15,855 signatures necessary to put it on the November 2012 ballot.

Motivated by deep cuts in state spending during the past legislative session, the coalition polled likely voters on their appetite for a sales tax increase to pay for state services.

Raising the state sales tax from 4 percent to 5 percent would raise about $175 million per year. That's a big number, Hewett acknowledged, but schools and health care providers Converse Ladies Shoes Online

"When it becomes public, that's when we'll talk about it," he said.

Adelstein said the past session's cuts 6.6 percent to education and between 4.5 and 11.5 percent to Medicaid providers have "done terrible damage this year to those least able to take the damage." Yet, he doesn't think the state needs $175 million a year to reverse that damage.

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years. The bill died in committee, but Adelstein said he might try again in 2013 if the measure passes.

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´╗┐Group wants to permanently raise state sales tax 1 cent

Even if all of a fifth penny sales tax were to go to public schools, the Associated School Boards of South Dakota argues it wouldn't be enough.

have taken a huge loss in the past two years.

"An initiated measure would give the Legislature the ability to tinker with the wording, if not the intent," he said.

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"I think we could probably do it with a temporary sales tax," he said.

Hewett said given the Legislature's history of changing initiated measure laws, it is somewhat risky to stop short of changing the state's constitution. However, he said something this specific probably doesn't belong in the constitution.

The group in April calculated that annual K 12 funding has fallen $54 million behind inflation since the current per student formula began in 1997, or $442 per student. But based on ASBSD's 2006 adequacy study, annual education funding in the state is $233 million behind where it ought to be $1,910 per student.

"This, hopefully, would even the playing field again," he said.

The group decided on an initiated measure instead of a constitutional amendment, in part, because it requires half the voter signatures to put it on the ballot. Hewett said both volunteers and paid workers will circulate petitions in order to meet the Nov. 1 deadline.

"It is a necessary amount," he said.

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