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Community groups have come forward to take over all 30 libraries earmarked Converse Low On Feet for closure by Lincolnshire County Council.

I am the Chairman of Saxilby Parish Council and we have already taken over the Livrary here in the Village. Ours was in an old Building but we have moved it to our Community Centre and ours has now increased its opening hours from 12 to 70 hours per week. We have worked with our local volunteer group and whilst we have no Librarian staff we supply assistance for over 17 hours per week.

Groups can also get a one off grant of 15,000 to help set up their facility, with the council maintaining the exterior of the buildings on which it has the freehold.

´╗┐Groups bid to run all 30 Lincolnshire libraries under closure threat

Correction 4: There is absolutely no guarantee that the Council will continue any kind of support, funding or facilities beyond the initial contract period.

Converse Low On Feet

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Converse Low On Feet

Converse Low On Feet

will be assessed in April. Each community group will receive a final decision in early May.

Last year the County Council approved plans to close two thirds of Lincolnshire libraries in order to save around 2 million per year from its budget, a move that will lead to some 170 job losses.

Converse Low On Feet

Converse Low On Feet

Converse Low On Feet

Converse Low On Feet

February 1, 2014 at 1:10pm

libraries it wants to hand over, with a further seven communities wanting to create brand new facilities.

"The next step is to help them develop their initial proposals into full business plans, something we'll be discussing with them in the coming weeks."

The County Council has received bids for all 30 of the existing Black And White Leather Converse High Tops

Whilst I appreciate the situation with County funding we have maintained a Library facility here in Saxilby and some have said with the extended Opening times it is an improvement on what we had before.

Peter Odam:

Correction 2: the replacements are not going to be they are going to be called Hubs if the Council allow them to be called libraries they are then legally obliged to sustain their funding and support, because libraries are a statutory provision. This also means that if any of these Community Hubs folds, there is absolutely no obligation from the Council to replace them with anything at all.

Correction 3: Nick Worth is equivocating library provision will still be severely reduced across the county with a seriously reduced book stock and seriously reduced expertise and professional support.

Councillor Nick Worth, Executive Member for Libraries, said: "It now looks like we'll end up with more libraries than we started with, while still achieving substantial savings, which is a very positive result.

like to thank all those communities that have offered their support, and I look forward to working with them.

Converse Low On Feet

Converse Low On Feet

Business plans must be sent in by March 31, and Converse Shoes Silver

Communities will receive a support package including more than 5,000 per year to put towards their running costs and ongoing professional advice, but the libraries will have to be run by volunteers.

Converse Low On Feet

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