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Doan, who has testified to losing the sight in one eye and suffering a concussion that night, alleges Ryan Rocchetta kneed him in the forehead and knocked him unconscious and that he was jumped by a group of eight people, who punched and kicked him in the head and chest numerous times.

´╗┐Groom says Doan attacked by several men at party

the altercation.

Crown witnesses testified Wednesday that Jordan Rocchetta punched Doan in the head while he was running away from the camp, knocking him down where he received a beating from several other men.

had as many as 22 beers that night, he said he did not consume that much alcohol.

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Andrew Hatton, the groom, took the witness box Thursday morning, testifying that he first noticed the commotion while standing by a sauna. He said he turned to see his Gauthier, his best man, lying on the ground, apparently unconscious.

The groom appeared as a Crown witness on Thursday in the trial of two men accused of aggravated assault at a McCarroll Lake stag and doe two years ago.

He said he came to the deck area of the property to check on Gauthier condition when he saw Ryan Rochetta and Doan yelling at each other.

The testimony appears to conflict with testimony given earlier by Doan, that he did not fight back against Rocchetta, and the defence contends the Crown should have to reassess whether it has a reasonable prospect of conviction.

He told the Crown he had roughly Converse Low Tops All Colors two beers per hour at the party, though when the defence pointed out that could mean he Converse Trainers Grey

Don Orazietti, who represents Ryan Rocchetta, asked for the trial to be halted after hearing testimony from two eye witnesses who testified Wednesday that one of the alleged victims, Jake Doan, traded blows with one of the accused, Ryan Rocchetta, at one point in Converse Shoes Brown Leather

Hatton testified that his then fiancee Tonya Rydall and the property owner both intervened. He said he saw Vic Fremlin take Doan off the property toward the road.

He said all four had been delivering kicks and punches, though he could not say to what parts of Doan body the blows were aimed.

Matt Gauthier, a close friend of Doan and best man to Converse Quinceanera Shoes

the groom at the stag and doe, testified Tuesday that he believes he was knocked out by a punch from Ryan Rocchetta when he tried to passively intervene.

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Hatton testified he heard Ryan Rocchetta yell don fk with the Rocchettas, and Doan say back to him don hit a 240 pound linebacker with the Steelers. said he didn see what happened earlier. He testified that he saw Doan run away after the argument and that an unknown person hit him on the head, knocking him to the ground where a group of between four and eight people began kicking and punching Doan. Hatton said he pulled Jordan and Ryan Rocchetta and two other males, one of whom he could not identify, away from Doan.

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Ryan Rocchetta, 28, and Jordan Rocchetta, 25, have pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault in connection with the July 24, 2011 incident that took place at a stag and doe party at a camp on McCarroll Lake, east of the Sault.

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Witnesses testified Wednesday that Fremlin lay on top of Doan, apparently to stop him from being beaten.

Superior Court Justice Edward Gareau told the lawyers that the application can be dealt with after the Crown closes its case, which it is expected to do on Friday. The trial is then expected to resume in the fall.


Defence attorneys cross examined Hatton on his position that night and his ability to see what happened. They also pressed him on how much alcohol he had consumed that day.

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Converse Low Tops All Colors

Converse Low Tops All Colors

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