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The program will also include two weeks of skills training that continues once a week once the job starts.

is so important because at the best of times, it hard for young people to fin jobs, said Stormont Dundas South Glengarry MP Guy Lauzon at the announcement Friday.

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But now is the perfect time, she said.

During those weeks they get a ton of information that will hopefully assist them in getting a job or staying on, she added

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A $93,000 grant from the ministry of human resources and skills development will help pay for 12 weeks of job experience for nine youth struggling to get a foot in the door.

Nine lucky unemployed youth between the ages of 15 and 30 will get a special job opportunity this fall thanks to funding from the federal government.

The partnership was a few years in the making, Bergland noted. She had met Farthing in 2010, but needed the club youth population to build to make it a go.

are excited that the government is working to fund organizations like ours and get young people employed, said Farthing.

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Bergland is working to match the group with jobs that suit them, wherever possible.

The YOUCAN Connect Cornwall program will place the nine youth at businesses in the city where they will be mentored by an employer.

one thing to get the job for young people, it another to keep it, said Dave Farthing, CEO of YOUCAN, who noted that many personalities make up a workplace.

The skills include workplace safety and first aid, Converse Maroon Color as well as Converse Gray Low Top

The YOUCAN program is run in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall and SD with funding for the youth salaries coming from the federal government Skills Link program.

feel that their focus of conflict resolution . . . speaks directly to our core values, said Jacquie Richards, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club.

conflict resolution, the focus of YOUCAN.

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it also an investment in our country, said Lauzon, who noted that there are 263,000 jobs nation wide waiting to be filled. youth are the people who will fill the jobs tomorrow, he said.

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Converse Maroon Color

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is an investment. It an investment in our youth, yes, but Converse Metallic Silver

The nine chosen, however, will be youth who are facing even tougher barriers than a competitive job market whether it being a single parent or having a criminal record.

The goal is gaining job experience, said program co ordinator Kaitlyn Bergland, who works with the Boys and Girls Club.

´╗┐Grant offers jobs for unemployed youth

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