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Converse Maroon Men

It seems to be working, said science teacher Gabriella Orlando, who coordinates the program at St. Basil.

Converse Maroon Men

program last year.

Converse Maroon Men

A phone call the week before her first day of high school was Brescacin's introduction to Molly Harper, the Grade 12 student who would for the rest of the year serve as her mentor, adviser and confidant at St. Basil secondary school.

Converse Maroon Men

Converse Maroon Men

Among the touted benefits of the program are decreased discipline problems, improved attendance records and Converse Maroon Men increased participation in extra curricular activities.

she said.

"At the few events we've had so far, we've had Grade 9s come up and offer ideas and suggestions. Lots of Grade 9s are willing to get involved and help out with things," said Orlando.

Link Leaders are also encouraged to keep up with their group members through the year, helping them with integration issues and providing tips to help them academically. Converse Sandals Mens

Converse Maroon Men

The school year kicks off with an elaborate first day Link Crew event all the Grade 9s are cheered by the older students as they enter the school with a number of events scheduled for the rest of the year.

Harper said this kind of program would have helped her immensely when she came to St. Basil four years ago.

Converse Maroon Men

Converse Maroon Men

Converse Maroon Men

Grade 11 and 12 students, known as Link Leaders, get their training in a two day session the week before school. Two Link Leaders are responsible for a group of between eight and 10 Grade 9 students.

For Brescacin, who came to St. Basil from St. Ann Catholic school knowing just a handful of her Grade 8 classmates, the Link Crew helped her branch out and meet more people.

Erica Brescacin knew she was about to meet a new friend this fall, even before she set foot on her new school campus.

Administrators can also ask the senior students to intervene when one of their crew members has attendance or discipline problems, though Orlando said that hasn't happened yet this early in the school year.

Converse Maroon Men

"We made a list on one of the training days of all the stuff we would have like to know going into Grade 9," like how to make your way in the school's busy hallways, and not to be intimidated, Converse High Tops Women

The phone call and the team building exercises that followed are part of a high school transition program called Link Crew, developed by a California based company called The Boomerang Project, and implemented at St. Basil this year. St. Mary's College started offering the White Leather Converse Hi Tops Sale

´╗┐Grade 9s get boost from link crew

Converse Maroon Men

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