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I t is an indisputable fact that the Dalton Gang has pretty much ignored rural Ontario during its seven plus years in power.

"We are entering a danger zone where Ontario's ability to support the growing demand for locally produced and processed meat and poultry is at stake," Innes said in a statement following the meeting. "It is ironic that as consumer demand for safe, local, organic, culturally specific and environmentally sensitive meat and poultry is growing, we are losing our capacity to supply that market.

What goes into the meat we buy, or how it is handled, doesn't seem to be any of our business, as far as the province is concerned.

world experience.

President Carol Innes and a group of members of this organization met with Carol Mitchell, minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs, to discuss concerns about the loss of small abattoirs.

Today, the topic is the continuing closure of small abattoirs throughout rural Ontario, due to the twin burdens of onerous regulations and enough paperwork to choke a Clydesdale.

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Converse Maroon Shoes

Converse Maroon Shoes

Converse Maroon Shoes

Converse Maroon Shoes

"We believe that small abattoirs are overregulated and do not pose the same challenges to public health and safety as large processing plants. We have a good regulatory system in Ontario and we support it."

The FWIO, by the way, is a force with which to be reckoned. It has 500 branches across rural Ontario and is part of a national and international network of rural women.

Converse Maroon Shoes

Local abattoirs have thrived for generations with no harm, no foul. (Little is known about any exceptions.) It's the bigger operations that have added words such as listeria, the name of a deadly bacterium, to our vocabulary.

In this case, the one hand is promoting the local food movement. Farmers are encouraged to sell locally as Converse Shoes Black And Red

The Ontario branch of the National Farmers Union (NFU) also is on record Converse High Tops Black And Purple

In the same statement, Minister Mitchell raised the issue of food safety, which obviously will be the bugaboo behind which the Dalton Gang will hide on this issue.

However, on some files, being ignored would have been better than being put under a Toronto based microscope. We could have avoided all that meddling based on book learnin' rather than real Converse Jack Purcell Leather

on the abattoir issue: At the same time as the Ontario government encourages farmers to seek local markets and add value to their farm products, it is creating regulations that push those doing Converse Maroon Shoes this out of business. Small abattoirs are "jewels in the food system."

Without local abattoirs, farmers must deal exclusively with the open market, which is dominated by the big boys who have taken over the slaughter and sales processes, as well as the lion's share of profits.

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Converse Maroon Shoes

Converse Maroon Shoes

But the other hand is forcing the closing of small abattoirs, leaving farmers unable to get meat processed.

Of course no one would suggest food safety isn't a foremost concern, but again, history shows the big plants have faced more safety issues than small ones.

One group that is prepared to do something about the abattoir issue is the Federated Women's Institute of Ontario (FWIO).

Apparently one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing, even within individual Ontario ministries.

consumers are being urged to buy from local producers, a la 100 mile diet.

´╗┐Grits ignore rural Ontario on abattoirs

Converse Maroon Shoes

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