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Mayors who spoke to the Toronto Sun said this year OPP salary increase is going directly onto property taxes.

Many municipalities are expressing concern about the rising cost of police services, especially after an 8.55% OPP salary hike this year, claiming the impact on property taxes would be unsustainable if arbitrators replicate the contract for all emergency services workers.

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Arbitrators would also have been required to provide their decisions more promptly, he said.

The Ontario government is considering reintroducing changes to arbitration rules that would factor in a jurisdiction ability to pay wage and benefit increases, Finance Minister Charles Sousa says.

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where you actually do not have the tax base to cover Toronto style raises. LeBlanc, a spokesman for Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur, said in a statement that the provincial government has been uploading costs from municipalities, and this year that means a $1.56 billion burden will be removed from local Converse White Men

don take into consideration ability to pay, said Chris White, mayor of the Township of Guelph Eramosa and warden of the County of Wellington. a race to the top I think everybody respects the work and the danger that these folks do but we reaching a point where some of Converse Quilted

tuned, Sousa said. minister of labour is looking at doing initiatives around arbitration. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) has identified the Converse Men White cost of policing as an important issue for its members.

As a minority government, the Liberals could not get the changes through the legislature at the time, he noted.

´╗┐Grits consider changing arbitration rules

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They called for changes to the system to require an arbitrator to consider whether local taxpayers can afford to pick up the tab.

The 2012 Ontario Liberal budget included new arbitration measures that would have brought more predictability to the process and required arbitrators to pay more attention to the employer ability to pay, Sousa said.

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