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Salazar has 34 players on his varsity roster, and one of the challenges has been teaching a group of athletes with limited football experience his full house option offense.

Salazar admitted his program is starting from ground zero, but he is confident they will improve.

"We're kind of a ground zero group right now," Salazar said. "We are starting at the beginning here. We have a lot of growing up to do, but I have a lot of kids who are up to the task."

Control the clock: This is something Salazar repeated on several occasions. The Grizzlies will be a running team and Womens Converse Trainers

Salazar has his work cut out for him at Granite Hills. He takes over a program that went just 1 9 last year and won nine games in four years.

Salazar said he knows it is a work in progress, but is looking forward to the challenge.

Converse Mint Green High Tops

´╗┐Granite Hills starting over with new coach Salazar

Former Golden West football coach Marc Salazar is happy to be in Porterville and to be the new head coach at Granite Hills High School.

He returns just nine players from last year's varsity team.

"Other teams don't run the things we run and the way we run them," Salazar said. "It is difficult to simulate what we do and it makes it difficult for a team to prepare for us."

option at Granite Hills," Salazar said. "It is more basic than what I started at Golden West. I'm being more patient here. It is the same stuff, just more basic."

Converse Mint Green High Tops

"The opportunity to coach in the Porterville district came up and I went to work there," Salazar said. "The opportunity to become a head coach again became available, I applied and was selected."

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Compete in the ESL: The East Sequoia League was loaded in 2012. Three of the four Central Section Division V semifinalists came from the East Sequoia League. The Grizzlies went just 1 4 in their first season in the ESL. They are hoping to turn those fortunes around in 2013. The Grizzlies want to make an impact in the Division V playoffs. If they can win games against Division V teams like Woodlake, Lindsay and Corcoran, then they would be on their way to being a force in the division.

Salazar is hoping his players can move the chains and keep the offense Converse Mint Green High Tops on the field. The Grizzlies still don't have a full backfield, and that is something they need to figure out before their season opener on Aug. 31. The more player who can effectively carry the ball, the more dangerous it makes that option offense. The running back situation hasn't been completely sorted out, but Salazar does have two returning lettermen on the right side of the offensive line he can lean on.

THREE KEYSLearn the game: Salazar said a lot of the players on his team didn't play youth football growing up. This is their first experience playing the Converse Girls Sneakers

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Converse Mint Green High Tops

The key for the Grizzlies will be to control the clock and keep the offense on the field, Salazar said.

"Our outlook is to work hard and control the game," he said. "We're hopeful and confident we can improve. We have a long way to go, but the kids are coming to practice and they're working hard."

Converse Mint Green High Tops

Converse Mint Green High Tops

"I see the potential there for us to control the clock," he said. "We are working to control the clock, keep the offense on the field and hope it translates into points."

"I'm an option guy so we're back to the Converse Unisex

game. He also has several other players who played as freshman and didn't play the past two seasons, but came out for their senior years. It will be important for those players to have a quick learning curve, especially when it comes down to Salazar's offense.

Salazar runs more of a traditional option offense that teams have gone away from, he said.

"The opportunity to work in the Porterville district turned out to be a blessing," Salazar said. "It is a very nice place to work and I'm very happy to be there. It was not my original intention when I moved here, but it worked out OK. I'm happy with the way things worked out."

Converse Mint Green High Tops

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