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Wednesday at the Global Institute for Sustainability Technologies at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, Haynes Building, Room 209, 1465 Sand Hill Road, Enka. Sustainable Energy Association's just released 2011 North Carolina Clean Energy Data Book, the first comprehensive guide to the state's clean energy economy, the western region was found to be No. 1 in the state in renewable energy capacity.

"Our region is leading the way in North Carolina with more renewable energy capacity than anywhere else in the state," said Matt Raker, vice president of entrepreneurship at AdvantageGreen, the green jobs division of AdvantageWest Economic Development Group.

A consulting group has been working on a report to identify trends, strengths and opportunities for the local green economy, which it plans to release in September, Raker said. Clean Energy Data Book, he said, serves as a positive precursor to that report.

Converse Models Shoes

"We have more companies per capita operating solar, wind and hydroelectric power, more than the No. 2 region, which is the Research Triangle of Raleigh."

efficiency firms. Buncombe County has more than half of these firms, with 213 industry participants.

"We thought if we could get this information into a data book, it would be helpful for people, so they could talk about it with a higher level of understanding," Crowley said.

Scorecards at the front of each regional section provide a quick look at the number of existing firms, existing commercial LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and Energy Star buildings, potential for residential energy efficiency and state rankings.

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The report also found the 31 county AdvantageWest region to have high rankings among the seven economic development regions in the number of energy efficient homebuilders and for the number of renewable energy systems.

´╗┐Green industry booming in Asheville and WNC

It also shows the region could do better by pursuing Energy Star certification for more K 12 schools. All 12 of the AdvantageWest region's Energy Star certified schools are in Burke County, which Converse Models Shoes Crowley said was surprising.

Converse Models Shoes

Converse Models Shoes

Converse Models Shoes

They also help support the work of the WNC Clean Energy Economy Project, which was launched earlier this year by Land of Sky Regional Council, AdvantageWest and the five westernmost regional councils of government, to develop ways to grow and market the region's potential in energy efficiency, sustainable building technologies, renewable energy and low emission vehicles.

For example, "The AdvantageWest region has a huge number of energy efficient homebuilders. It's second in the state," Crowley said, with 400 renewable energy and energy Converse Fashion Girl

one of the few growth industries in a down economy and show it is cost competitive with nonrenewable energy sources such as coal and oil.

Rich Crowley, market research manager with the NCSEA, based in Raleigh, said the idea for the data book, was to pull together a snapshot of the state's clean energy economy into one document to be more easily accessible for everyone from the casual observer to those who work in the renewable energy industry, economic development or government.

What's in the data book?

"It's good to recognize WNC as a leader in clean energy," Raker said. "We've always thought it was, but now we have real data."

The findings were based on WNC's strength in capacity for hydroelectric power, solar and wind power. Converse Uk Sale Ebay

The NCSEA and the WNC Clean Energy Economy Project will release the 92 page report and discuss the findings with the public Wednesday at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College's Enka campus.

Converse Models Shoes

The findings are significant, Raker said, because they bolster the region's commitment to providing renewable energy Converse High Tops Mirage Grey

Converse Models Shoes

Converse Models Shoes

Converse Models Shoes

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