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a good show."

love, sex, and anything but golf.

From July 31 to Aug. 24, the series continues with 'Lend me a Tenor'. The assistant manager of an opera house is forced to take over the lead role of Othello for a world famous tenor who has mysteriously passed out. When the star wakes up, two Othello's in identical costumes show up for the show, turning everything upside down.

Bowes said the box office usually sees people lined up through the doors for several days after the new season has been announced. Phone lines and e mails are inundated by patrons looking to get their flex passes, and booking their seats for the upcoming year. "Some people come back year after year. They want the same seats over and over again." The Upper Canada Playhouse has been in operation for 30 years, becoming a real community treasure. The theatre has been at its current location, which used to be a toothbrush factory, since 1990. "The machines were taken out one weekend, and we started in the next," said Wendy Gibbs, one of the first board members for the playhouse. "We were just local people that decided to put a theatre together."

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Converse Modern High

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Converse Modern High

the 2013 season isn't quite over. This year's Christmas show A Christmas Carol with Richard Bower as Scrooge, will run from Nov. 28 to Dec. 15.

The shows continue with a musical ride into the heyday of the 50's with 'Memories of Rock Roll', Oct. 21 to 26, starring talented singers and musicians such as Aaron Solomon and showcasing music Converse Modern High from Chick Berry, Buddy Holly, the Beatles and much more.

The theatre holds 275 new seats and a revolving stage. "There is no blackout time," said Bowes. "The stage moves so that audiences don't have to sit in the dark, keeping the action going."

Finishing up the summer series, from Sept.

´╗┐Great lineup for 2014 at playhouse

The Playhouse Summer series includes four plays starting with 'A Bedful of Foreigners' June 5 to 29. The story tells about a couple's mishaps while renting a room in a rundown hotel which is filled with more than interesting staff and guests.

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Next up is the premiere of the Norm Foster comedy, 'The Ladies' Foursome' running July 3 to 27. The new show is a sequel to Foster's 'The Foursome', a story where ladies discuss life, Converse Laces Styles

"Our audience comes from a remarkably wide area," said Bowes. "That includes our local communities and also locations such as Ottawa, Brockville, Cornwall, Montreal, Northern New York State, Florida and beyond."

Converse Modern High

Get ready to be entertained. The Upper Canada Playhouse announced their 2014 season this week, filling their box office with patrons anxious to get seats for the upcoming season. "We only open the doors at 10."

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The 2104 season kicks off April 22 to 27 with a live concert, 'Memories of the Summer of Love', a musical tribute featuring music from The Beach Boys, Peter Paul and Mary, The Mommas and the Poppas, and much more.

Gibbs said it was sometimes difficult in the beginning and, at times, there were more people on stage than in the audience.

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Converse Modern High

Converse Modern High

Bowes said audiences can expect a professional show in a small, intimate venue. "People don't want a modern, flashy theatre," said Bowes. "They want a comfortable, safe place to enjoy Converse High Tops Leather Uk

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