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Converse Navy Blue For Girl

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

"It's nice to be tied to a piece of the fabric of Asheville," Will said recently beneath the exposed wood beams that hold up the high ceiling in the Harlan living room. Laid across the music rack of the baby grand in the corner was sheet music "West Side Story" "Les Misrables" that daughter Mary Chamberlain plays. The music enchants her father. He describes it as Converse High Tops Toddler

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

dining room, which its drop dead gorgeous surfboard of a table, so long that five people can sit per side, with one at each end. The table, an impossibly deep red, one that Will inherited from his grandmother, actually breaks down into two tables, but Will and Betsy like having everyone around for Thanksgiving and such.

The foyer leads into the study, a small room with lamps for lights that seems like a cozy Old World bar in Amsterdam, with its dark napkin pleat wainscoting and head high plate rail that holds the glorious painting Betsy made of their sweet little dog Leroy. The room's club like feel is perfect for board games, which the Harlans like to play here.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

And then there's the Converse Purple

The 105 year old home of Betsy and Will Harlan, designed by Richard Sharp Smith, in the Grove Park neighborhood. Sept.

The Harlans found this house in 1998. Residents of Durham at the time, they were surprised at how expensive homes in Asheville were. They'd seen several homes when their real estate agent showed them this one.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

The house, part of the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Tour of Homes on Sept. 7, was built for James Madison Chiles, a Lenoir businessman who was successful in the furniture industry. Chiles developed many of the homes in Kenilworth in the early 1920s, and Will has seen a photo of Chiles' own home there that has what looks exactly like the heavy brick fireplace in the Harlans' living Converse High Tops Womens Size 5

In here, the house seems more modern, possibly because of the gleaming stone countertops. Will pointed out the unusual pattern in the woodwork in the floor, much like the piecing of fabric in mountain made quilts.

´╗┐Grove Park Sunset Mountain Homes Tour

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

"It was us," Betsy said, even with the wallpaper and Victorian dcor that hid its Arts Crafts charm.

Smith, an Englishman who walked about with a cane in tweed suits and English walking caps, was one of the area's most prolific and significant architects during one of Asheville's early boom time.

The room is just off what used to be called the sunroom and is now called the foyer, with its heavy double front doors. When all of the tall windows there are open and the back door is Converse Navy Blue For Girl as well, there's such a flush of fresh air that there's no need for the air conditioning, which the Harlans added only because it gets pretty stuffy in the third floor guest room without it.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

"We did a once in a lifetime renovation," Will said of expanding the kitchen by incorporating the old laundry room. "I don't know if you've ever done it, but it's stressful."

All good, and all in the past now. The kitchen has a quaint dining nook whose L shaped bench seats would be great for cramming a lot of people around a pot of something savory on a cold night.

Go up a story, and on the stairs you pass photographs that a man in his 80s gave the Harlans one day a while ago when he stopped by. He grew up in this house, he said, from 1915 to 1932. Six kids in the family. In the stairwell, Betsy mounted the photos he gave her of the kids at play, cutting up on one of the porches, hanging out in Grove Park.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

"magical," a sentiment Smith himself might have shared.

The 105 year old home of Betsy and Will Harlan, designed by Richard Sharp Smith, in the Grove Park neighborhood. The home will be on the Grove Park Tour of Homes in September. His residential work made the then suburban neighborhoods of Montford, Grove Park and Chestnut Hill the boulevards of distinction they are today.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

"There is no children's table. It can get loud," Will quipped.

Converse Navy Blue For Girl

The whole expanse, with delightfully discovered heart pine floors, is walled by windows, and when they're open and the night is cool, it's an amazing night. "It's like sleeping in a tree house," Will said, especially in the morning when the birds wake you up.

Asheville made its bones during Richard Sharp Smith's era on its sleeping porches, said to be good for tuberculosis patients. The Harlans have such a porch, and there's a bed up there, on the third floor overlooking the neighborhood.


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