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whatever they need to do to protect their lives, and protect the lives of their families from violence," Thakker said.

Monika Thakker, an organizer with the group, said it's wrong to call the Tamils who arrived on the MV Sun Sea ten days ago queue jumpers because "there is no queue for refugee claimants."

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But a spokesman for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney lashed out at the group, saying they're "completely out of touch" with Canadians.

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A refugee rights group protested outside the Citizenship and Immigration Canada off i ces Monday, demanding the feds release all 492 Tamil migrants and give them refugee status.

and refugee system," reads the group's press release about the demonstration.

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About 50 people attended the No One is Illegal protest, holding placards and banners reading, "Let them stay," and "No one is illegal."

"This fear mongering is just another tactic used to disguise the Mens Converse High Tops Size 11

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"They think the world's 6 billion people all have a right to move to Canada, they want us to stop enforcing our immigration laws, and they think it's racist to call someone an illegal immigrant or a bogus refugee claimant," Alykhan Velshi Converse Navy Low wrote in an e mail.

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´╗┐Group pushes for rights

In the press release advertising Monday's demonstration in Ottawa, the group criticizes the government and the media for "perpetuating false and dehumanizing stereotypes of 'illegals', 'terrorists', and so called 'queue jumpers.' "

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"They are completely out of touch with ordinary, hardworking Canadians, as well as those legal immigrants who wait patiently in the queue to live in our great country."

racist policies that define Canada's immigration Converse Shoes For Men High Cut

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