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Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

´╗┐Great Lakes hit record low water levels

The report blames last year's mild winter and lack of rain, in part, for low levels.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Dalgety said Lake Huron needs Converse Mid Tops Men's

Converse New Arrival 2018

"Groundings will be much more likely and some harbours may close," said the Corps.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Bluewater Ferry, which runs between Sombra, Ont., and Marine City, Mich., has already closed one of its ferries.

A missing freeze thaw cycle this winter may also contribute to more record lows this spring.

Waukegan Harbor near Converse New Arrival 2018 Chicago is already closed to commercial navigation.

"If we don't get rain or nothing, we're going to have to redo our docks," he said. "We're starting to make plans because we have to be ready just in case. It's all up to spring now."

"Not only have water levels on Michigan Huron broken records the past two months, but they have been very near record lows for the last several months before then," Sneakers Converse For Girls

to rise another foot and a half, so he doesn't have to lower his docks to accommodate the water level, which is looking like a very real possibility.

"With all the rain and snow melting, we got a few more inches back, but if we don't get some heavy snow and rain and ice this winter, we're going to be in trouble next summer," said Rob Dalgety, co owner of Bluewater Ferry.

on Lakes Erie and Ontario," notes the Corps.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

It's also affected thousands of cottagers and local marinas that ring the shores of Huron and Michigan, including the popular Georgian Bay area north of Toronto.

Operators are also turning away vehicles weighing more than 36,288 kg, including large coach buses.

Low water also means cargo ships have to carry lighter loads, leaving dock labourers without enough work.

said John Allis, chief of the Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology Office.

"Problems in the upper lakes have negative impacts across all the commercial projects throughout the system, including the ports Converse Fashion Mens

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

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