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Morgan Friesen said she applied for the program after a friend Converse Green Army

Converse New Style

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Science Trek students listen to a lab technician describing the next step in the group's experiment at POS Bio Sciences lab. Lasia Kretzel/News Talk Radio

At the end of the school year the students will graduate with a Grade 9 level science. Letourneau said the company hopes to get feedback from students and teachers to continue and Womens Converse High Tops Cheap

Converse New Style

Converse New Style

"I have had background before with my animals and I could learn to bandage wounds but now I can learn the anatomy of the body," she said.

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In groups of seven, the kids spend two and half hours touring the lab and conducting experiments like measuring the moisture and oil content of a given substance.

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Friesen, who rides horses, said she hopes to one day be a veterinarian and she's looking forward to the program's Converse New Style dissection component.

The program is in its eighth year but this is the first year they've partnered with POS Bio Sciences. Among other bioprocessing activities, the company tests products such as biofuels, cosmetics and food ingredients for quality assurance and develops new chemicals and compounds.

"I enjoyed science in my previous school but it's a lot more fun now since we get to do all these experiments and see what it's really all about," Friesen said. "You get to really see what you're learning instead of just learning it from a textbook and testing and memorizing, you get to know what you're learning and see it firsthand."

´╗┐Grade 8 students trek into science frontier

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"As an employee owned company, we're always looking at succession planning. Who is out next generation of scientists, lab technicians, engineers, operators, anyone interested in science going to be?" POS technical programs manager Karen Letourneau said, adding the program is also meant to encourage kids to think of a science career anywhere.

POS Bio Sciences partnered with Montgomery School's Science Trek program to help budding scientists obtain authentic lab experience.

A bioprocessing company is helping Saskatoon's future scientists get a taste of their dream jobs.

improve their involvement in the program next year.

Converse New Style

Converse New Style

She recalls a field trip where the class took part in a dragon boat race. The students learned the physics of propulsion, resistance and balance. She laughs and said they won the race.

Science Trek is a full year program for 28 Grade 8 students Converse Shoes For Girls 2018

who've shown a knack for the lab coat. If they're accepted into the program, students are immersed in the world of science, on top of their regular schedule, where everything from math to gym class is geared towards science education.

Converse New Style

gave it a good review.

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