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Residents in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver were polled in the new study, the full details of Converse One Star High Tops which will be revealed and discussed at a conference next week in Toronto.

The release of the survey dovetails reaction to Harper's comment at the opening of the centennial celebration of the Stampede that Calgary is the "greatest city" in Canada.

"I think if the (Stampede) founders could be here today and see the great city, see what has built up around this event, they would be amazed," said the Calgary Southwest MP.

The approval rating of Calgary's city council was also the highest among the four with 62% saying politicians are doing a "good job" and 6% saying they're doing a "very bad job."

Canseco gave Mayor Naheed Nenshi the credit Converse Green Shoes

Converse One Star High Tops

for connecting with citizens better than his counterparts in the other cities.

Mario Canseco, vice president of Angus Reid, said the survey was being readied when Harper made the Calgary comment, which drew the ire of civic pride boosters in cities across Canada.

Converse One Star High Tops

Converse One Star High Tops

Canseco said they expected Calgary to do well in the poll, but they didn't think it was going to be on top.

"He's a local MP. Of course he's Converse Shoes Brown

The quality of life in all four major Canadian cities are good, but Calgary emerged as the best with 87%, followed by Vancouver at 82%.

Citizens in Vancouver are concerned about affordable housing, while people in Toronto and Montreal pinpointed traffic/transit and health care as the top issues, respectively.

'Greatest city' tops liveability survey

Converse One Star High Tops

Converse One Star High Tops

"We kind of had a feeling that the western cities would do better," he said. "But certainly we didn't expect Calgary to be the No. 1 choice on several of the issues."

going to say something nice about the city," said Canseco.

"They would be amazed to see that their Stampede has been part of giving birth to the greatest city in the greatest country in the world."

Respondents were given a list of descriptions that best reflect their city. Calgary pulled ahead of the pack in six categories.

Converse One Star High Tops

Converse One Star High Tops

Converse One Star High Tops

city that embraces innovation (73%) and a city that is connected and has accessible digital infrastructure (71%).

Calgary scored top points in a new Angus Reid survey for being a livable city, a place where people can find a good job and a metropolis that embraces innovation.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper might just be vindicated for saying Calgary is the "greatest city" in Canada a new survey puts Cowtown on top of three others.

Converse One Star High Tops

Converse One Star High Tops

While Calgarians praised the city, they also noted health care to be the most pressing issue.

More Calgarians said the city is on the rise (90%), livable (89%), a place where you can find a good job (88%), a good city to start a business (75%), a Converse Beige Low

Converse One Star High Tops

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