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Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

The new version will see Leon singing instead of his dad under his established stage name Leon James.

Converse Orange Low Tops

reggae song. I have been in contact with a producer and think it is a lovely thing to be able to do."

In his heyday he was a popular fixture on Britannia Pier, performing for eight years as a double act with his partner Lisa Marie.

Converse Orange Low Tops

And so impressed was he by one of the self penned tracks, he is taking steps to get the song reproduced and digitally available with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Converse Orange Low Tops

Leon's mum and Mr Mallett's former partner Lisa Gordon, who still performs as Lisa Marie, said the record had been made in 1990 but was never released because of a last minute hitch which meant the deal fell through. Since then, dozens of the singles had been languishing in the loft at home in Lingwood.

Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

Andrew Mallett, well known in Great Yarmouth under the name Andy James, died last month after a long battle with cancer, aged 55.

tribute to talented dad

And among his effects were dozens of copies of a vinyl single that never made it into Converse Orange Low Tops the shops.

Converse Orange Low Tops

The 19 year old has already followed his dad into the spotlight and regularly sings in pubs, clubs and hotels. He hopes the song One in a Million Girl will bring musical and charity success as well as honour his dad's memory.

Converse Orange Low Tops

He said: "I had heard one of the tracks and after dad died I remembered him saying to me that I would much prefer the B side, but we never got round to listening to it. Since he passed away I looked it out and had a listen.

Converse Orange Low Tops

An excellent keyboard player and singer who built up a strong local following, he remained rooted to his home town, batting back bigger offers that could have set him on the road to stardom.

final farewells to Andy at Gorleston Crematorium today at 2pm, followed by a wake at the Kings Head in Lingwood.

Converse Orange Low Tops

"I loved the song the moment I heard it. It has got a real reggae feel and I would like to make it a bit more current and poppy so it becomes a pop Converse Leather

Hearing one of the songs for the first time was a poignant reminder for musical son Leon Mallett of his dad's talent and aspirations.

Hundreds of people are expected to say their Converse Chuck 2 Red

´╗┐Great Yarmouth man's poignant musical Converse All White Low

Converse Orange Low Tops

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